If you missed the Armed Forces Bowl, you missed one of the more ugly postgame fights we’ve ever seen following a bowl game.

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Moments after Mississippi State beat Tulsa in the game, a huge brawl broke out involving both teams.

Mike Leach’s postgame comments didn’t come off very well and one of the key Bulldogs involved in the fight (receiver Malik Heath) posted a video bragging about his involvement, which included kicking a Tulsa player that was on the ground in the face before running off, immediately after the game.

During Friday morning’s New Year’s Day College GameDay show on ESPN, Kirk Herbstreit called the incident “an embarrassment” for the sport.

“Well, I think that the only way anything’s gonna change from this, and I think we all agree, this is an embarrassment, not just for these two teams, but for college football,” Herbstreit said. “We see this more and more in college football, coming out in pregame without a shirt on, that needs to be banned in the sport. Because that’s just not coming out with your shirts off, that’s sending a message to your opponent. I remember Penn State-Ohio State a year ago, it turns it, it adds to the chippiness of the game. And then the fact that it went on throughout the game, the officials got to have more power and be able to control that.

“When you see something like this, and we’ve all been around the game, there are fights in football, but to this level, where the police are coming in, people need to be arrested. There needs to be consequences to send a message, not just to these coaches and these players, but to the entire country that this will not be tolerated. I hope and I don’t know who that would be, I hope the powers to be will drop some serious fines on the coaches and drop some suspensions on some of these players.”

Following Herbie’s comments, David Pollack said Heath should be removed from the sport.

“You should be kicked out of the sport. That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen,” Pollack said on the show.

Herbstreit wasn’t done either.

For his final thoughts on the incident, the GameDay host called out Mike Leach.

“Mike Leach should be embarrassed,” Herbstreit continued. “His postgame interview and what he said, ‘Hey, it’s football. It’s physical; it’s going to happen.’ Are you kidding me, Mike? You should be embarrassed about your program and what it did.

“And after the game the guys being proud, high-fiving and walking off. This is a black eye for the sport. Maybe you don’t care about the sport. It’s as bad as it could be watching that for people who are sitting around watching college football and that breaks out. It’s another black eye for college football.”

You can check out the comments from the show below: