CBS Sports has officially named the Egg Bowl as the most “hate-filled” rivalry in all of college football.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it is the “best” rivalry or the “biggest” rivalry, but according to this article from Tom Fornelli, it is the most hate-filled.

A tweet from Parrish Walton inspired Fornelli to figure out the most hateful rivalries in college football.

“There are rivalries all across college football. If you are a school, you have a rival, and you probably think your rivalry is the best one. Or you think that your rivalry has the most hate for one another,” Fornelli said. “Rooting for a team on its own is fine, but everybody needs an enemy, and college football provided you with one every week.

“Over the course of time, though, you would discover that there were enemies you respected, and enemies you just plain hated.”

The Egg Bowl is No. 1:

1. Ole Miss-Mississippi State: Yeah, so I had to go with the Egg Bowl here, and recent events certainly play a role in this ranking. Don’t get me wrong; both sides have long hated each other. Mississippi is a state without any professional sports teams, and these two schools have always presented that sports outlet. You chose a side — or, in reality, a side was chosen for you — at birth, and then you spend the rest of your days arguing with anybody that chose the other side.

When that happens, you’ve got yourself a stew going. But then you spice that stew up a bit with NCAA violations at one of the schools involved, and while that adds a level of heat, it only gets spicier when a player at one school is part of the NCAA investigation into the other.

I’m scared to get involved right now. Simply writing about this is going to have hundreds of angry Mississippians in my mentions for the next four days.

The Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn came in at No. 4 on the list.