Paul Finebaum has never shied away from an opportunity to call out Urban Meyer.

Now that the first-year Jacksonville Jaguars coach provided a layup for the ESPN host, Finebaum didn’t disappoint with his latest take on the former Ohio State and Florida coach.

If you missed the news last week, Meyer hired former Iowa strength coach Chris Doyle for the same position in Jacksonville. Normally, the hire of a strength coach wouldn’t be very noteworthy but Doyle was only available after Iowa dismissed him following allegations of mistreatment from several former Iowa players.

A day after the Jaguars announced the hire, Doyle resigned from his position in Jacksonville.

That didn’t stop Finebaum from sharing a harsh take when it came to Meyer’s decision to hire Doyle during a recent appearance on ESPN show Keyshawn, J-Will & Zubin.

“Predictable. Anyone who was followed Urban Meyer closely knew he would run into something like this at some point. I didn’t think it would be before the opening of training camp, before the draft – but that’s Urban Meyer,” Finebaum said during the show. “He doesn’t care what you think, or I think, he doesn’t care about common sense or decency. He only cares about what he thinks. And it’s the same thing that happened at Ohio State with Zach Smith.

“Totally different set of circumstances but Urban Meyer believes in someone, he doesn’t care what his advisors say, he doesn’t care what the media says, he just does it. And this was far worse because this wasn’t enabling a favorite son of his. Someone that he cared deeply about that he was trying to help because of old family ties.

“This was someone who had been disgraced, who had been shipped out, sent packing by Iowa – and it wasn’t easy. But once they got rid of the guy, it all became very clear why he was sent packing and why he was gone, and for Urban Meyer to say, ‘Oh yeah,  I vetted him.’ Where did he vet him? Did he not read the report? Did he not read the accounts of why Iowa fired this guy?”

Finebaum then went a step further and used this as an example of why he doesn’t believe Meyer will ultimately prove to be successful in Jacksonville.

“I mean that that is just so typical Urban Meyer and it’s one reason why I don’t think this experiment is going to work in the NFL because Urban Meyer is dealing with a much tougher playing field,” Finebaum continued. “He’s dealing with a lot smarter people at every NFL club than he was dealing with in the Big 10 where he really had to be Jim Harbaugh every year which took no skill at all and maybe try to survive a game against Wisconsin or Penn State on the road.”

The ESPN host was so heated, he decided to throw a haymaker Harbaugh’s way for good measure. Classic Finebaum.