While most die-hard SEC fans love the tradition and pageantry of college football, young recruits typically fall into a different category. Prospects identity more with flash, sleekness and style, thus Oregon’s many alternate uniforms that occasionally burn the eye upon viewing.

The contrast in styles between schools like Alabama and Penn State are stark between Oregon, TCU and Baylor, so it should come as no surprise that those schools landed on different spectrums of a recent poll conducted by Pick Six Previews. The post goes into great detail on their survey and is really worth checking out for any jersey/recruiting junkies.

PSP polled 100 FBS football recruits, none of which were currently committed to a school, to ask a few questions including: favorite apparel brands, uniform’s importance in their interest of a school, which school has the best uniforms and which school has the worst uniforms.

Here are the results of the last two questions:

Interestingly enough, only one SEC school made the top of either category and it was Alabama with the worst uniforms in college football. This strengthens the argument that elite prospects wisely don’t consider uniform when it comes to picking a school, as Alabama has recruited the top class each of the last six years and are likely to compete for another top class this season.

While Alabama may be dominating the SEC landscape on the field, at least fans of other schools can take solace in the fact they don’t look good doing it.