Which SEC team is in the most ideal, stable situation in terms of recruiting right now?

We graded each program across four categories, independent of each other: home-state talent, recent success, fan satisfaction and coaching stability.

Our No. 1 answer probably will surprise you as it did me — the Ole Miss Rebels. But break down the particulars and it’s easy to understand why.

After a headline-grabbing 2013 class, which has the team in position to become an SEC West darkhorse this fall, coach Hugh Freeze has sustained very good recruiting for several more seasons, with another good-to-great class lining up for ’16. That’s enough to create more fan satisfaction and coaching stability, especially with the new contract Freeze just signed, than at some of the other SEC schools just behind the Rebels in the rankings.

Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Texas A&M — last year’s No. 1 — and Auburn maintain excellent recruiting situations, and Tennessee is rising fast.

Overall, 10 of the 14 SEC teams earned a GPA of at least a B average. Translation: the SEC is in great shape when it comes to recruiting.

Click on your team’s GPA below for this year to read a detailed breakdown across all four categories. We used a +/- system, meaning an A- equates to a 3.7 and a B+ equates to a 3.3. So the first six teams are scoring at better than B+.

1. Ole Miss: 3.75 (Last year: No. 8)
T2. Alabama: 3.65 (Last year: No. 5)
T2. LSU: 3.65 (Last year: No. 3)
T4. Georgia: 3.58 (Last year: No. 2)
T4. Texas A&M: 3.58 (Last year: No. 1)
6. Auburn: 3.5 (Last year: No. 6)
7. Tennessee: 3.18 (Last year: No. 10)
8. Florida: 3.15 (Last year: No. 4)
9. Arkansas: 3.05 (Last year: No. 11)
10. Kentucky: 3.0 (Last year: No. 13)
11. Mississippi State: 2.9 (Last year: No. 9)
12. Missouri: 2.85 (Last year: No. 12)
13. South Carolina: 1.68 (Last year: No. 7)
14. Vanderbilt: 1.6 (Last year: No. 14)