SDS’ own Brad Crawford is borderline obsessed with uniform designs and helmet updates. So much so, he wears vision shields to work and recently provided a comprehensive look at the combinations each team in the SEC will be wearing this fall.

Here’s a team-by-team glance at what you’ll see in the SEC this season:

Furthermore, Crawford’s ranked the home, road, alternate concept sets for each team too. There’s no real formula in selecting the best looks, just what he deems as appealing to the eye and intimidating to the opposition.

Tradition helps for bonus points, but it’s 2014 and ‘new hotness’ is in.

His SEC home uniform rankings can be found HERE.

Ranking the SEC’s best 2014 road uniforms

14. Kentucky — Road woes in recent years have pushed the Wildcats’ white on blue style toward the SEC’s back burner. No opposing team’s intimidated by Kentucky’s preferred look, but the white helmet, white jersey and white pants with blue trim secondary option is appealing.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Mississippi State

13. Vanderbilt — The Commodores’ black or gold pants away from Nashville paired with a white jersey is awfully simple. It feels like the pants need something, an oversized logo perhaps.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at South Carolina

12.South Carolina — They’re an upgrade from the home look certainly, but the Gamecocks’ ‘stormtrooper’ all-white combination on the road has seen better days. Before the jersey and pants switch at the start of the 2013 season, South Carolina contrasting black-garnet vents on the sides of white pants were a neat feature.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Georgia

11.Mississippi State — Ranked last in the home uniform department in terms of looks, less maroon is better away from Starkville. Still not a fan of the double-stacked wordmark across the chest, but the Bulldogs’ matte shell defined by its thick white stripe makes up for it.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Auburn

10.Tennessee — At all costs, avoid orange pants. We’ll show you a glimpse so you can see the difference, but Tennessee’s primary road choice needs to be its all-white option.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Oregon

9.Ole Miss — Excellent use of striping on the Rebels’ ‘updated’ throwback threads. There’s just enough red and blue to recognize it’s Ole Miss, but the grey pants define this road combination.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Alabama

8.Georgia — The Bulldogs dominate the SEC’s uniform throne in Athens, but Georgia’s white road jerseys leave a lot to be desired. Maybe it’s the black numerals? Red outlined in black would look better.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee

7.Texas A&M — In terms of modern design, the Aggies’ all-white Adidas ensemble was the SEC’s best monochromatic alternate road combination prior to the Razorbacks’ Nike update this season. Simplistic works in this case, though a maroon facemask instead of grey could really capture the glossy white lids.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at South Carolina

6.Florida — I put the Gators No. 2 in my home rankings because of how well a blue and orange jersey contrasts with white pants. Florida has several road options, but white on orange is a personal favorite. There’s just enough blue in the look with Nike’s updated numeral style to set off the deep orange.

NCAA Football: Florida at Kentucky

5.Auburn — Slight changes — including patches and stripe widths — have been made to the Tigers’ only road combination over the years but white on white with blue and orange accents has remained the same. Secondary colored pants would set it off, but that goes against what Auburn’s about.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Tennessee

4.Arkansas — The jury’s still out about the product on the field in their new threads, but Arkansas flexed a nice all-white road set in last weekend’s loss at Auburn, an updated Nike look for this season. Matte white helmets with a reflective Razorback logo is one of the cleanest looks in the SEC. Well-placed red thigh stripes complete the look.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Auburn

3.Alabama — There’s not much going on besides crimson accents, but that’s a good thing for a team that can back it up with swagger. Alabama’s crimson helmet with a grey facemask are perfect complementary colors to the program’s base uniform. Less-busy works in this case.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn

2.Mizzou — As part of a ‘brand identity’ update in 2012 in prep for their move to the SEC, the Tigers unleashed several new uniform combinations including a nifty two-color road jersey with contrasting shoulders. The jersey fits various pants colors including black and gold.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Kentucky

1.LSU — Almost the exclusive option on gamedays home or away, LSU’s timeless white on gold combination with heavy purple accents is one of college football’s best uniforms. Like Michigan’s iconic maize and blue scheme along with Southern Cal’s recognizable majestic garb, purple and gold defines apparel greatness in the South and is likely the SEC’s best look overall.

NCAA Football: Texas Kickoff-Wisconsin vs Louisiana State