Shane Beamer may have let his anger get the better of him last Saturday following South Carolina’s loss to Florida.

The Gamecocks led by 10 with around 5 minutes remaining. Following the loss, Beamer reportedly kicked something and broke his foot.

He dove a little further into the specifics of breaking his foot on Wednesday during the SEC’s weekly teleconference, but said he did not have a comment on Paul Finebaum’s comments blasting the South Carolina HC:

“I did, don’t have a comment on that and it was a Gatorade cooler. Wasn’t like I went in the locker room and just had some complete meltdown and went ballistic for 5 minutes of screaming and yelling and throwing and kicking things. I was jogging off the field-”

Unfortunately, Beamer’s connection cut out following his final sentence. Perfect timing.

The Gamecocks have a tough one this week against Mizzou in Columbia… Missouri. The Tigers are ranked No. 20 in the country and have been one of the surprise teams in the conference this season.

Kickoff is set for 3:30 on SEC Network.