We’re just over 24 hours from kickoff, and before our lives are consumed, let’s take a moment to recognize that special lady.

Perhaps greatest of all, though, we should recognize the women that keep SEC head coaches sane.  As we honor, let’s also remember: here are the SEC East wives of 2013 and SEC West wives of 2013.  Here are the wives of 2012, too.  We didn’t forget about 2011, either.

The SEC East welcomes just one new wife to the club, Mrs. Leighanne Mason.

Here are the first ladies of the SEC East:

Carol Muschamp, Florida


Muschamp has sold the Florida program to several top recruiting classes during his tenure in Gainesville.  Apparently, he sold the Mrs. on his program, too. Well done, Will.

Katharyn Richt, Georgia


Mrs. Richt is almost as visible in the Georgia program as Mr. Richt himself.  You can often see her manning the water station.  Players say she’s like a mother.  There’s really nothing bad to say about her or either of them, for that matter.  Their adoption story is a must-read.

Chantel Stoops, Kentucky


Mrs. Stoops is a year into her SEC tenure, and surely is enjoying Lexington more than Tallahassee.  The Stoops bought an impressive new home last year, hopefully meaning Mr. and Mrs. Stoops plan to stay for a while.  You build that Wildcat program, Mark.

Mr. Bachelor: Gary Pinkel


Pinkel finalized his divorce to the former Mrs. Pinkel back in 2012, which means he’s up for grabs.  Props to you Vicki for being Mrs. Pinkel for 39 years.  I have no idea if he’s looking, but ladies, if you’re up for moving to Columbia…

Jerri Spurrier, South Carolina


Can you even imagine what it must be like to be to Steve Spurrier?  She probably doesn’t care about his diet and he randomly appears shirtless.  Spurrier’s the ultimate entertainer, and Mrs. Spurrier, we salute you because you’ve had your hands full for years.

Barbara Jones, Tennessee


Her husband and Tennessee found each other, but she found Butch and married into a love of football.  Year two for the Jones’s starts Sunday.  Barbara should have plenty of orange in her closet by now and hopefully knows Rocky Top.

Leighanne Mason, Vanderbilt


Mrs. Mason is a mysterious woman.  We searched high and low for a photo, finally landing this one from the Vandy Media Guide.  Palo Alto to Nashville’s not a bad move, and Mason seems eager to keep the momentum going for the Commodores.  Welcome to the South, Leighanne.