Meet The SEC Coaches’ Wives: SEC East Edition

Saturday Down South has already introduced you to the 2011 SEC Football coaches. Now, we would like to introduce you to the coaches’ wives. Let’s first meet the East wives.

They are listed in alphabetical order by school, of course.

Carol Muschamp – Florida

Ole Willy did pretty well for himself, I’d say. Carol Muschamp brings a younger generation to the SEC. I’m sure she was ready to get out of Hippieville anyway.

Katharyn Richt – Georgia

Katharyn Richt is more of a veteran when it comes to the SEC but not as big of an ole’ timer as Jerri Spurrier. I love it when my wife wears a hat, and Mrs. Richt is conservative, yet classy.

Leslie Phillips – Kentucky

This blue-wearing, husband-cheering wife looks like she can keep up with the football team in the weight room (AND I don’t mean that in a bad way). Mrs. Phillips looks ready to run a triathlon.

Jerri Spurrier – South Carolina

Jerri Spurrier is the veteran of the group. How she has kept Steven under control all these years is anybody’s guess. However, I hear she can throw down the visor and headset with the best of ’em.

Dr. Allison Dooley – Tennessee

Dr. Dooley (Derek loves the ring to that name) is a one-year veteran of the coaches wives. Dr. Dooley better be writing down all of Derek’s one-liners at home!

Fumi Franklin – Vanderbilt

Meet the newest edition of the SEC coaches’ wives – Fumi Franklin. We don’t know much about her, so when we are able to obtain more information, we’ll let you know. However, without knowing her, I guarantee you she was glad to get out of College Park and the ACC. NashVegas is much nicer.



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