California announced Thursday that it now bans most state-funded travel to eight states.

Prior to Thursday, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee were already on the list, but Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota and Texas joined those four Thursday.

The state is restricting travel due to recent laws that leaders view as discriminatory against gay and transgender┬ápeople. (You can read more about it here.) California’s law gained national attention after North Carolina enacted the controversial “bathroom bill.” The reason Alabama was added to the list of states is because of a law that was passed giving adoption agencies the option to follow faith-based policies and not place children with gay couples, according to, despite the governor saying the bill wasn’t about discrimination.

So, with Fresno State (in California) traveling to Alabama this year for its September 9 game, there was some question as to whether it would even happen. However, Fresno State confirmed to that the game would go on, because since the game was scheduled in 2015, it fell under an exemption that allows contracts to be carried out since it was signed before January 1, 2017.

Alabama will pay Fresno State $1.4 million to travel to Tuscaloosa.