We all know what toilet paper is for. Auburn felt the need to remind those that may not remember.

Tiger officials asked their fans not to roll the Auburn Oaks along Samford Park, per a press release. Rolling the trees at Toomer’s Corner with toilet paper had been a long-held tradition after a big Auburn win. That all changed when the original trees that once graced the property were poisoned in 2010 and removed in 2013 after they couldn’t be saved.

The new trees that replaced the original duo were planted in 2015. However they were rolled, caught on fire, damaged and had to be replaced.

It’s assumed that the rolling tradition will eventually resume, but not this year. The trees have received positive reviews since being planted in 2017 but they’re not quite ready for the Charmin treatment.

“The trees have made excellent progress in the growing season of 2021,” Auburn arborist Alex Hedgepath said in the release. “Since then, the trees have pushed new growth with no additional signs of stress. We will be initiating soil enhancement projects to encourage even more root growth in the coming months.”

Instead of rolling the two Auburn Oaks and their descendant trees in Toomer’s Corner, Auburn encouraged fans to celebrate victories by rolling two large southern magnolia trees and a white oak in front of Biggin Hall near Toomer’s Corner.

“While we all would like to get back to the traditional rolling of the two Auburn live oaks located on the corner, our position and decisions reflect what is best for the trees,” said Justin Sutton, director of Landscape Services. “The long-term establishment, overall health and projected long life of these new trees is our goal.”

So no rolling. For that matter, fire is a pretty bad idea as well.