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As a Tennessee fan, this is not a game I expect us to win. I think our only chance though is JG has to play his best and grittiest game since at Auburn in 2018. He'll have to find a way to move the ball consistently in the air and hit on a couple shot plays. It also goes without saying that we HAVE to establish a running game to avoid being one-deminsional. If that happens, it'll be a long afternoon. Also you must be even or win the turnover battle. I think the Dawgs win, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them play better than Auburn did. If we compete hard for 60 minutes and cover the spread, that's a successful week in my book.
If JG remains healthy, I think he plays just well enough to remain the starter for the year. With that said, he has to win games though. If not, he'll get pulled early.
coming from a Tennessee fan, I think Mac is the second best QB in the conference right now behind Mond.
If Tennessee doesn't take care of business against SC, the toss up games, and the inferior opponents, then this season wasn't a success. It's going to take them running the table against those teams and/or upsetting a Texas A&M, Auburn, Georgia, or Florida for me to consider this year a success. Otherwise, Pruitt is on the hot seat
I came to Columbia as a Vol fan this past season and in 2015 and I must say, Missouri did have the most welcoming fans for any in-conference road venue I have been to. I will say though that the atmosphere both times did not feel like a true SEC tough place to play. I live in the Memphis area and I have been to the Liberty bowl in similar weather conditions (below 30 degrees) and it felt like a more intimidating place for opposing teams to play.
Imagine thinking that expressing your 1st amendment right makes you a criminal. You act like they're rioting and burning down the campus. When NRA supporters gather to express their beliefs, are they criminals in your eyes or is it okay because they stand with your beliefs?
I believe Kentucky is a really good team, but they have yet to beat Pruitt
As a Vols fan, we deserve to be on the outside looking in. We have yet to prove how to win consistently againt top-tier programs