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Great article. I lived in Memphis for several years and there truly is something quaint and unique about Mississippi and Oxford. We should all be so lucky to retire there.
14 songs from the 90s was too difficult to find? Had to go with a song from the 2000s? Considering "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was such a stretch, you could have literally picked any song in the decade to relate to TA&M
Cowherd makes some decent points about relating sports to business but that's it. He is a Shock-Jock Sports talking head. He used to make fun-of wacky FM DJs. Now he IS the wacky Sports Radio DJ. He never backs up his arguments or is credible in the least. Remember when he said the Cowboys would never win with the "Dak n Dunk" QB? Now he thinks Dak is the greatest QB to ever play the game.... Best not to take anything he says serious as tomorrow his shock topic will be something new.
BB should use Morgan as a coaching lesson on how NOT to end your career. I'm sure he was frustrated but, spitting on someone else is a punk-move. Coach Fuente must feel pretty good about his team after this Win. VT not only overcame a 24 point deficit, but beat the opponent into unethical decisions.
Clearly he never learned the line of "Don't bite the hand that feeds you."