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Dude, the answer is not tortured logic nor is it politics. The answer is that every player that is eligible and trying to be trying to get drafted. So they're going to be busy with NFL stuff and not practicing, playing, going to class, etc. So you're left with playing freshman through juniors and not your stars. So you're essentially getting the "junior varsity" version of all of the Big Ten and Pac 12 teams. And even if that's ok by fans (which it likely won't be), then you have the fact that players just cant endure playing 20 games in 7 months. Even the pros that train for harder hitting contact and longer seasons can't put their bodies through that. Players and former players have been saying this for weeks. To try and spin it into politics and say anything other than politics is "tortured logic" when those that play or have played have been making this information available for a while simply means you have some sort of axe to grind and you just don't want to listen or learn. Finally, all those marginal players who are trying to get drafted along with all of the players who want to retain their high draft stock and not be forgotten due to being "out of sight out of mind" will want to transfer to schools where they can play. And the NCAA will take a HUGE PR hit they have previously not had the cajones to endure if they try to keep them from it in this especially strange situation. They've allowed transfers for A LOT less. They would have no leg to stand on. Some of the Big Ten coaches (Day, Harbaugh, Frost) know this too which is why they are trying to play in the fall anyway. If you're going to go to your list of "usual suspects" for some ulterior motivation, you might try money rather than politics. It will get you further.
This would have been the perfect reason to use the Sabanism of all Sabanisms. He could have said "trust the process" and followed that with all the social distancing guidelines that have been issued. Seems like a missed opportunity to make it not only more memorable but more personalized and less...robotic.
What do you think State's ceiling is in the SEC anyway. If Leach could get 7 or 8 wins, he's overachieving. You guys really should get real. Mullen gave you a pass to have to think about reality. State has historically been the Vandy of the west. Any coach that can go 6 and 6 should be considered. Ask Arkansas. The alternative is much worse. And with the great staff that the hogs new coach has assembled, they will be back to the middle of the pack soon. Then what happens to State? You really are delusional if you think State is supposed to be an 8 win team in a normal year.
I don't think I've ever seen such an agenda driven article that was simultaneously such a fluff piece. There is no news here. There isn't even good speculation. What there is is some creepy attempt to inject your religion. If you want to be a faith=based writer, then go write for a faith-based outlet. Around here...let's please stick to football. And while sticking with football, how about also dropping the idolization of 20 year old kids. By all accounts Tua is a great QB and a great person. But there's no more demand for the religion of the golden athlete than there is for the actual religion your trying to inject underneath it all. Just please stop.