Dan Mullen knows his Florida offense will have its hands full Saturday against what has been a dominant Georgia defense this season.

The Gators coach was asked Wednesday where he thought the Bulldogs had improved the most from a year ago.

“Looking at them, it would be the physicality of them up front,” said Mullen during the SEC coaches teleconference. “I thought they were a very good physical front last year. How they use their physicality in the front 7 is even better than it was last year.”

Of course, the Georgia defense will have to prepare for 2 dynamic Florida quarterbacks in Emory Jones and Anthony Richardson.

Mullen, however, wouldn’t tip his hand about what the QB plan would look like Saturday.

“We’ll play a quarterback on Saturday,” Mullen said. “We will have a quarterback on the field.”

Mullen also was asked Wednesday about his star cornerback Kaiir Elam, who has returned after missing 3 games with a knee sprain.

Elam is expected to be a 1st-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft and it would have been easy for him to opt out of the rest of the season to protect his draft status.

But Mullen said that’s not what Elam’s all about.

“For any player, Kaiir especially, it shows you gotta love the game of football and love being on the team,” Mullen said. “Kaiir does that and he wants to be a better player. … I think a guy like that, it just shows his work ethic, his grind, his focus on improving every single day.”