Arik Gilbert has had a tumultuous last couple of months as he had a long and drawn out departure from LSU after he reported being homesick, and then there was a delay in him entering the transfer portal.

The conventional wisdom as he left LSU was that he might land at his home state program of Georgia since he’s from Marietta. There were also early rumors that he would land at Tennessee, but the instability there appears to be the main reason that that theory has fizzled out. But sentiment is growing that he may, in fact, land at one of Georgia’s top rivals, Florida.

Mike Farrell, the national recruiting director for Rivals, reported that someone close to the Florida program told him that Gilbert to the Gators is a “done deal.”

Gilbert, a 5-star prospect coming out of high school, was one of the bright freshmen in the country this season, and a matchup nightmare not unlike Florida TE Kyle Pitts was for the Gators offense in 2020.

Coming off a three-game losing streak to end the season, this news would be a welcome sight for the Florida program which needs a boost entering the spring.


The image below comes from Kyle Pitts’ Instagram story.