David Pollack knew a lot of people on the Georgia sideline Monday night in Indianapolis, both from his time as a Georgia player and growing up in the state, and as an ESPN analyst.

On the latest ESPN College Football Podcast with Rece Davis on Wednesday, Pollack shared what the national championship meant for generations of Georgia fans. Pollack added that people in the the first 4 rows of the stadium were all crying at the end of the game.

“So many of my friends that were there, Rece, their dad’s there,” Pollack said. “They’re there, their son’s there. It’s not just a fandom, it’s a family affair.”

Pollack shared how one friend was there and the kids, who are 15 and 11-years-old, each teared up. Another friend was there with his wife, and their children and their spouses.

“It’s a family affair, it’s something that you travel to all the games, it’s something that you support, it’s something that runs deep, but it’s something that that love is passed down from generation to generation to generation. It’s crazy because a lot of times you see that kind of subside and go away a little bit. But it’s something to do every Saturday in the fall, it’s trips to take, it’s fun to have.”

Davis added that it’s not just a football team, which makes it the galvanizing factor for any team.

“That may be the thing that draws you together on Saturday, whether it’s on campus or around the television,” Davis said, referring to shared experiences.