Georgia OL Clay Webb is making headlines for a disturbing incident from his past.

Webb has been named ina federal lawsuit for being part of a disgusting high school prank and bullying incident. According to Lily Jackson of, the plaintiff, a minor referred to under the fictitious name John Doe in the lawsuit, alleges fellow students allowed him and encouraged him to unknowingly drink from a Powerade bottle that allegedly contained Webb’s semen, according to the lawsuit.

“While we cannot comment on this individual student matter, we review allegations of misconduct by our student-athletes and hold accountable those that do not meet our expectations,” the University of Georgia Athletic Association told via email.

Jackson’s article notes Webb did not respond to requests for comment on Thursday or Friday.

Per Jackson, the lawsuit names Webb, another student, and baseball coach Wesley Brooks as defendants. The plaintiff is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

Jackson’s article lists graphic details of the disgusting incident, as described in the lawsuit:

On Oct. 8, 2018, the plaintiff ⁠— suing by way of his father, Richard Doe ⁠— was with former Oxford (Alabama) High School students Webb and the other student in the “field house” showering after morning workouts during regular school hours, according to the complaint. Athletes from several different sports were present. John Doe and the other student were both members of the baseball team at the time of the incident, and Webb was a star player for the Oxford Yellow Jackets football team. …

The complaint states that Webb “masturbated and ejaculated into a Powerade bottle” at an unknown time, and multiple students, including the other student, knew it had been soiled when the plaintiff asked who’s bottle was on top of the lockers, the complaint said.

John Doe asked another student who owned the bottle, according to the lawsuit, and that student advised the plaintiff not to drink it. He then asked the entire locker room who the bottle’s owner was to which the other student responded, “Yeah, that’s mine from last week,” the complaint states. “Don’t worry about it, you can have it.”

After drinking the entire soiled bottle of Powerade, students began laughing at John Doe, according to the court document. Another student witness who didn’t respond immediately to a request for comment told the victim that the bottle contained Webb’s semen. John Doe tried to force himself to throw up, according to the complaint, and he then called his father to pick him up.

“I think [Webb] was looking to get somebody. I don’t know if he had [the plaintiff] in mind,” plaintiff attorney Eric Artrip said to “[The other student] did have [the plaintiff] in mind cause he had a chance to stop it and didn’t.”

Webb was a 5-star recruit, rated the No. 1 center in the class of 2019. He committed to UGA on Dec. 10, 2018. Webb’s online UGA bio notes that he played against Murray State and Georgia Tech this season.