Uniform update Georgia: Bring back the silver britches, not grey

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Georgia

Leading up to gameday on Aug. 28, our in-house uniform expert Brad Crawford will look at every SEC team’s apparel plans this season. Some programs are incorporating new alternates while others have made subtle alterations to helmets. We have our favorite looks and we’re sure you do as well.

Here’s a team-by-team glance at what you’ll see this fall:


  • 2014 HOME: Red helmet + red jersey + grey pants
  • 2014 ROAD: Red helmet + white jersey + grey pants
  • 2014 ALTERNATE: Red helmet + red jersey + silver pants (rumored)
  • WHAT WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE: Matte black helmet + black jersey + silver pants — Last season, the Bulldogs’ revamped Nike uniforms still had a traditional feel despite updated typography and a new secondary logo. In recent years, an unfortunate loss has been the lack of silver sheen on game pants in favor of grey. It’s a touchy subject for Georgia fans. The difference is noticeable if you compare the Bulldogs’ early 2000s britches to the current, flat Nike sets. With better execution, an alternate black uniform with silver pants and red accents would be one of the SEC’s best. A matte black helmet instead of the horrid 2009 alternate worn against Florida completes the look.

2013-2014 HOME

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Georgia 2012-2013 ROAD

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina


NCAA: OCT 31 Georgia at Florida

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  • Choose carefully! It’s a well-known fact that chicks like teams (and players!) based on how they like their uniforms. Always wise to consider “perks” and “benefits”! ;>)

  • Supposedly they are working on a pant similar to what the Dallas Cowboys wear as far as color and sheen. Something about getting the material right but they are supposed to be on the way. Lots of folks calling out to see the red pants again. Georgia has a “national” brand that is recognizable to most football fans pretty much anywhere. Classic Red jerseys, Red “G” helmets and silver britches……don’t fix what ain’t broke.

  • Yes. Bring back the silver britches.

    • Silver “britches” with the red jerseys and red helmets, white socks and white cleats at home. Then go with white pants with red and black stripe and white jerseys with the black numbers for away games. On occasion, break out the black helmets on the road, and black helmets and jerseys to “black out” night games in Athens.

  • The only thing that I think should never change is that glorious red helmet. It goes perfectly fine with the black jersey and real silver britches, and makes for perfect balance of the schools red and black color scheme. As for the red britches, I have always thought that they made the best looking road uniforms that UGA has ever worn; however, black numbers are essential on that white jersey. It never hurts to change things up now and then. After all, variety is the spice of life.