Jalen Hurts’ college career is officially over.

The former Alabama-turned-Oklahoma quarterback had a marvelous career for the Tide and Sooners. Hurts and OU were dominated Saturday 63-28 in the College Football Playoff semifinal game at the Peach Bowl by LSU.

Hurts completed 15-of-31 passes for 217 yards, while rushing for 43 yards and two touchdowns against the Tigers defense. In four years at Bama and OU, Hurts racked up nearly 9,500 passing yards and 80 touchdowns. He also rushed for over 3,200 yards and 43 touchdowns.

Entering Saturday’s game, Hurts was undefeated against LSU while at Alabama, but this game was much different. LSU quarterback Joe Burrow out-shined Hurts with seven touchdown passes. Burrow even rushed for another one totaling eight touchdowns.

Following the game, LSU’s players showed Hurts tremendous respect.

Hurts will most certainly be picked up in the NFL Draft; however, it’ll be interesting to see how his career plays out.