Brian Kelly is proving this season that his system wasn’t just the luck of the Irish. The first-year LSU coach is showing that he can produce results in the SEC as well.

No. 10 LSU pulled off a major upset against visiting No. 6 Alabama 32-31 on Saturday. The victory elevates LSU to the top of the SEC West and in the driver’s seat for the conference title game.

ESPN’s Matt Barrie was effusive in his praise for what the victory meant for Kelly.

“Brian Kelly planting his flag across the country saying no matter what, you can say what you want about me coming from Notre Dame. You can say about what I did at Notre Dame…After yesterday folks, you cannot tell me Brian Kelly is not one of the top 3-5 minds and coaches in college football,” Barrie said. “End of story. Any doubt that’s still out there, go away. Because what he has done in a very short amount of time in Baton Rouge is nothing short of remarkable.”

This was Alabama’s first loss at Tiger Stadium since 2010. Alabama entered as a nearly 2-touchdown favorite.

Instead, it’s LSU that’s potentially on the way to a trip to the SEC title in Kelly’s maiden voyage on the bayou after a dozen seasons at Notre Dame.

Next up for LSU is a road contest at Arkansas on Saturday (12 p.m. ET/ESPN).

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