Leave it to Mike Leach to create a viral moment during an appearance at the state capital.

If you missed the biggest story from the state of Mississippi on Thursday, over 50 college head coaches and administrators traveled to Jackson, Miss., to meet with lawmakers in the hopes of getting the state’s flag changed or altered. If you are unaware, the Mississippi state flag features a Confederate logo.

The NCAA and the SEC recently announced an expansion of their bans against any state that features any Confederate images or logos in the state capital or on the state flag. Mississippi is the only state in the country that this ban currently applies to.

While Mike Leach and Lane Kiffin were at the state capital to meet with lawmakers, Mississippi State’s head coach had some fun at the expense of the Ole Miss coach during their time in Jackson.

In the clip below, Leach tugs at Kiffin’s mask to troll the coach during their appearance at the state capital.

After the video clip went viral, Kiffin responded with this comment.


It wasn’t that long ago that the Egg Bowl was perhaps the most contentious rivalry in all of college football. Who knew a pair of coaching changes could change that dynamic so quickly?