Retirement will be here soon for Gary Pinkel. But right now he’s focused on coaching his football team, and trying to win the regular season finale.

Pinkel’s Missouri Tigers (5-6) face Arkansas (6-5) at 2:30 p.m. ET on Friday. The game will be shown on CBS.

It could be Pinkel’s final game as a head coach.

If the Tigers win Friday, they would become bowl eligible and would likely play in a bowl. If they lose, they’ll finish the season 5-7. That normally wouldn’t be good enough to qualify for a bowl, but there may not be enough teams with six wins this year, so some 5-7 teams could get invited. An SEC team like Missouri, with a retiring coach, would likely be a popular choice for some of the bowl games.

If Missouri finishes 5-7, Pinkel says athletic director Mack Rhoades would decide whether or not the Tigers would go to a bowl game. But during his weekly press conference on Monday, he said he’d prefer for the Tigers to win on Friday, get to 6-6 and not have to worry about that.

Because they play on Friday, the Tigers have one fewer day this week to prepare for their game.

Arkansas has one of the most explosive offenses in college football. The Razorbacks have scored at least 50 points in four of their last five games. The only time they didn’t score 50 was in a 31-14 win over LSU.

Arkansas’ Brandon Allen is widely considered one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC. Last week, he threw seven touchdown passes against Mississippi State.

After last week’s game with Tennessee, which was Missouri’s final home game of the season, the players carried Pinkel off the field. It was a fitting honor for the Tigers’ longtime coach, but he admitted he wasn’t comfortable with it because his team didn’t win.

Pinkel hopes that Missouri can hire a coach that builds the Tigers into an even better program than they have been under him.

Pinkel was asked about defensive coordinator Barry Odom, who could be a frontrunner for the job, but he declined to talk about Odom or any other potential candidates.

Pinkel believes Missouri’s next coach will have plenty of talent on offense.

He thinks the Tigers should be pretty good on defense, too.

Pinkel has also been talking to Missouri’s recruits. He believes they should give the new coach a chance to talk to them before deciding whether or not to stay with Missouri.

Safety Tavon Ross will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL. It’s the second ACL tear this year for Ross, but the injuries have come in opposite knees.

Pinkel said he has received a ton of letters, emails and well wishes since announcing he has cancer. He said he’d been too busy with football to read most of them, but he’s had his secretary save them. Once the season is over, he plans to read them and respond to most of them.