Bob Caslen is officially out as South Carolina’s president.

Caslen announced the news to students, faculty and staff in an email Wednesday evening:

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

“Trust is the most important ingredient of effective leadership, and when it is lost, it is nearly impossible to lead. I live that is the case right now between the University of South Carolina and its president. Therefore, I have submitted my resignation to the Board of Trustees this evening, May 12, and they have accepted it. This resignation is effective May 13, 2021.

“I am sorry for those I have let down. I understand the responsibilities and higher standards of senior level leadership. When those are not met, trust is lost. And when trust is lost, one is unable to lead.

“I am also grateful for the numerous letters, tweets and texts of support from so many students, faculty, parents and other constituents. Your trust and confidence mean more than you know – thank you.

“I wish only the best for the future of the University of South Carolina, and its students, faculty, staff and alumni.”

Bob Caslen

Caslen’s resignation comes after he incorrectly named the university during a commencement address and admitted to plagiarising part of the speech. Former President Harris Pastides will step in as the interim president.