South Carolina quarterbacks Perry Orth and Brandon McIlwain couldn’t be any more different.

Orth — a fifth-year senior from Florida — is a gutty walk-on that scratched and clawed his away atop the depth chart. While he doesn’t have exceptional physical tools, he relies heavily on the mental aspect of the game. He’s truly a player chock-full of moxie and grit.

McIlwain is a hot-shot dual-threat quarterback from Pennsylvania. A big-time recruit in both football and baseball, McIlwain’s athleticism and arm strength makes him a very dynamic player-in-the-making.

This past weekend, McIlwain appeared to win the job outright. He played the entire game against East Carolina — leading the Gamecocks to a 20-15 victory.

The true freshman essentially usurped the starting spot from the wily veteran. While some quarterbacks in Orth’s position could be resentful, Orth has acted in the complete opposite fashion.

Orth was seen praying for McIlwain right before the contest started. The two shared a very special side-by-side moment — which was captured via this picture:

Not only does this display how good of a teammate Orth is, but it also demonstrates the camaraderie both players have with one another.