The leadup to the Fourth of July holiday is a cause for celebration around the country as we proudly celebrate our independence as a nation.

It’s also become somewhat of a tradition for Alabama to quietly release information regarding NCAA violations leading up to the holiday.

This year, Alabama has turned in an unnamed assistant coach for having impermissible contact with a recruit.

Following that contact, the assistant was banned from engaging in off-campus recruiting for 30 days, Alabama was not allowed to meet with that recruit in-person for 30 days and the Crimson Tide program was allowed only one off-campus interaction with the recruit for the rest of his recruitment.

The impermissible contact is a Level III violation. (Level I violations are the most severe and the violations programs want to avoid at all costs)

To be fair, this is a minor violation committed by Alabama but the timing of the release is interesting, to say the least.

Alabama softball, men’s track, women’s track, rowing and women’s soccer also reported violations to the NCAA. All the violations were listed as Level III or Level IV violations.