Nick Saban has done it again, he’s led Alabama to another national championship.

This marks the sixth title for Alabama under Saban and the coach’s seventh overall as a college football head coach.

While those numbers are staggering and history may group these teams together, those intimately involved in winning those titles understand that each team is unique.

So, what will Saban remember most about his 2020 team that went 13-0 and won the national championship despite the challenges presented by the pandemic?

“I think this team showed great perseverance, great resilience. This is probably the team togetherness on this team,” Saban said on Tuesday morning after leading Alabama to a 52-24 victory over Ohio State in the title game. “This was the kinda the ultimate team.

“These guys were like a high school team in terms of how they got along together, how they supported each other, how they played together, how they overcame adversity. We’ve had teams here that have had probably more talent overall, I know we are a very talented offensive team, I’m just saying overall, lots of players, lots of places, that never accomplished what this team accomplished. Very difficult to go undefeated. It’s very difficult to deal with success. Whatever the challenge was for this team, they were able to do it. But I think what I’ll remember most is I never had any issues at all, not any complaining at all, everybody bought into what we asked them to do on a daily basis. Never any complaining about anything.

“This is just the most together, committed group I think we’ve ever had the opportunity to be associated with. I think that’s special. I think all these guys on this team will remember being part of this team for the rest of their life because it’s a really, really exceptionally special experience to bring a group of people together, have them all buy into the principles and values that it takes to be successful, and make the sacrifices, have the work ethic, especially in a year like this where you had to overcome so much adversity, and then accomplish what they were able to accomplish. It’s really special.

“I’m going to remember this as a very special group.”