Alabama’s blowout loss against Clemson on Monday night sent shock waves across the college football landscape.

Though Tigers coach Dabo Swinney doesn’t believe his program can be considered a dynasty just yet, others in his profession think we’re seeing the end of the Crimson Tide’s reign atop the sport.

Nicole Auerbach, a national college football writer for The Athletic, tweeted that a P5 defensive coordinator told her the game represented the “beginning of the end of the dynasty.” Judging from the timestamp on the tweet, the text she received came during the second half of Alabama’s 44-16 loss in Santa Clara, California.

One could see this as a knee-jerk reaction to a single game, especially considering the Crimson Tide is still coached by Nick Saban and has the nation’s top-ranked recruiting class this year. On the other hand, Clemson doesn’t appear to be fading from the national picture any time soon and will bring back a host of talented offensive players next season.

Only time will tell if Alabama’s star has begun to wane.