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It's always great to have the appetizer of 2 teams that are at best 3rd and 4th in the sec east playing against each other. Should be a fun game to watch 2 programs going nowhere..
Yep it's going to be awesome. That UGA/ND night game is going to be the best recruiting weekend of the season. The coverage that week will be all about both programs and the matchup.
It's been rumored for weeks now on UGA message boards and Mcgarity was dead on. It was just announced.
Pretty obvious CBS would take ND/UGA as it's one big night game. It's a national game instead of an SEC regional matchup. The ratings for this game is going to be amazing.
You are correct. The gap is actually bigger. I don't know much about the writer of the article, but as someone else said it sounds like a fanboy article written to make gator fans feel good about falling further behind. These numbers i believe were taken from rivals. Florida right now is closer to last place Vandy than they are to UGA. The gap isn't closing at all. #UGA- 6,524 (11 5*, 30 4*) #UF- 4,566 (1 5*, 28 4*) #TN- 4,221 (1 5*, 22 3*) #SC- 4,112 (1 5*, 17 4*) #UK- 3,328 (0 5*, 7 4*) #MZ- 3,170 (0 5*, 3 4*) #Vandy- 2,864 (0 5*, 5 4*)
I don't see any way Florida has 58 percent blue chip ratio. Are you using the 247 composite or picking and choosing from each site?