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Mr. Collins may have been there... but he may have had his bell rung like the rest of the tide. 1. Linebacker blindsided... even when the talent level in the big ten suffered for a few years... you learn the name of the game in real football country is kill or get killed. If the whistle wasn't blown and he wasn't hit in the back a LB playing any big ten team better keep his head on a swivel. The big ten still plays football as a contact sport. The OSU quarterback knocked an Alabama nose tackle 10 feet off the ball. I give the sec teams credit where its due, they had a nice few years of gathering talent. But none of them get hit until the NFL, and a lot of the DBs never hit anybody ever. An Alabama or Florida cover corner may stick to you like glue, a free safety from Northwestern will put you on a ventilator. Simply, the kids from Alabama were expecting a track meet and they got their heads handed to them by a big ten team that simply dominated them physically.... not with talent but with brutality. Thats how we roll in the midwest, the track meet is next door, the butt kicking contest is on the football field. You can outrun them, but you can't outrun a concussion. The refs saw it differently and the Buckeyes ran all over the Tide. Things will probably go differently, the Buckeyes are bringing freshman this year. but fair warning, go over the middle and you SEC fans may not want to watch, it may be too violent for you. But not cheap, just tough old fashioned football.
I just Could not resist. I will apologize in advance for anybody that gets all upset. Making fun of someone's health is inappropriate. Period. Its why many SEC schools and fans get labelled as backwater redneck schools. Because people who think things like this are appropriate are backwards rednecks. This is college football, folks. Football played at colleges; the SEC does not do their great schools justice when their fan bases run amok acting like tasteless hill scoggins. And for a dose of reality, please keep in mind this is a cyclical game. The SEC only has one college among the winningest programs of all time. Please keep that in mind; traditionally, the SEC is the Second Tier of college football. When you get full of yourselves, remember the lessons schools like USC taught Alabama, dragging the SEC kicking and screaming into the 20th century. And believe me, the next several years are going to be hard to watch for SEC kool-aid drinkers. Yes, Ohio State brought a pair of unprepared teams to play Florida. But Ohio State IS in the top ten, with several other big ten schools. They learned their lesson. Urban Meyer is an Ohioan, and an SECer should know "When mama calls, you come home." And Florida fans, Meyer did not leave the program in dissaray, he merely left. Without a good Ohio coach, teams fail. The key is coaching, and showing some class whether things are going well or not