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The irony of saying that this year is that a strong argument could be made that the AAC was a top 5 conference this year. This was a pretty rough year for a lot of Power 5’s. The ACC was laughable, the Big 12 was 2 teams and the Pac 12 was, well, it was the Pac 12. The talent gap is closing at least for the AAC and maybe eventually the Mountain West. I’m not saying they’ll ever be a legitimate power conference but the wealth is being shared and there’s a lot more talent in those two conferences than the days of old.
As I see it, the bigger gripes each year at this time are how one conference shouldn’t get more than one team in (SEC) and that conference championship games are sometimes meaningless when a non conference champion gets in. So let’s make it 8 teams and put each conference champion in the playoff so long as they’re ranked in maybe the top 12 of the final college football playoff rankings. Give the group of 5 schools an automatic bid so long as they’re ranked in say the top 14 of the college football playoff rankings, if not, then make 2 at large bids 3. Then, for the love of everything, please stop saying the goal is to get the BEST 4 teams in the playoff because I’m still not sure they’ve done this to date. This isn’t perfect, but it values every conference champion so long as they don’t completely suck, it gives a group of 5 school a chance if they’ve had an electric season and it also gives a good chance to teams with an at large claim, it makes for even more debate and would be incredibly exciting.
Yeah, Lattimore had one and it’s saved him a lot of headache I’m sure, but it’s still not NFL money.
The idea of this sickens me, but when it comes to a kids future then I understand. Marcus Lattimore could’ve left his sophomore season and been a first round pick and then comes back and has his knee get thrashed. Of course it was a freak accident and it could’ve happened in the NFL just as well, but that injury completely changed the course of his career. Guy got drafted in the 4th round on the off chance he might play someday because he was that good. Lawrence is just as good if not better so it’s hard to argue against it.
As an SC guy I go to bed every night praying that McIlwain gets the starting job. I would rather lose 8 games with a freshman QB that needs the experience than lose 8 with a guy we already know is capable of losing 8.
Pretty upset that Deebo Samuel wasn't included in this top 25. Not saying he should've been any higher than 20, but top 25.