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Starting the is Tennessee back narrative a little early aren't we?
There is bad blood only because despite losing 5 out of 7 Vol fans are still shocked when they lose to Mizzou
No they are the same ones we wore against you guys in 2012 and 2014
To be fair USF won 8 games and isn't all that bad, but the point he claims is ridiculous, most SEC teams every year seem to play a team that's right with them in terms of ability, or maybe even a little above them every year
Nothing about the guy leading the country in tackles? Who leads one of the best defenses in the country in spite of an offense that puts the game of football to shame, no Kentrell Brothers?
While for my team 3 yards a carry would be amazing, its not that impressive to run for 120 yards on 38 carries.
You leave out the SEC defensive player of the week?
Not hot Alex Collins
Mauk is playing this season for his father who has been diagnosed with cancer, I expect something big from Maty this year
I know its really early and these lines wont matter the week of the game, but I really dont like Mizzou being double digit favorites against UF and USC, not because Mizzou wont be good I think we can win the East again, but I dont know if we are that much better.
Exactly if he proves it, I will admit I am wrong
I still don't see how a guy that couldn't beat out Nick Marshall, who was very good don't get me wrong, can be what seems to be a sure-fire Heisman contender according to national media.
ya he has got a point, success stories like Mizzou are awesome but you need the talent to compete on a national level not just in the SEC east. Trust me I am the biggest Mizzou fan out there with my youtube channel and such but the lack of 4-5 stars really hurts when we compete against the Alabama's and other CFB titans of the world
Seems like it, I think they could use some counseling though.
Oh I would agree Chase has had the best out of all of them mostly due to injuries to Bradford, its easy to forget how good he was, but Chase isnt a superstar and none of those QB's are starters heck most of them arnt in the league. Chase, Colt, Sam, i dont know about Graham, but all the others I believe are out or never made it AKA Sodd Reesing.
Indeed he did, believe me I know I was there. Also made Mason look like a Heisman contender in the 1st half.
Does anyone remember a time when Keith Marshall was supposed to be UGA's next amazing running back?
2007 in the Big 12 you had Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Zac Robnson, Graham Harrell, Todd Reesing, even Josh Freeman at K state, give me Chase Daniel over all of them, at least in college NFL none of these guys have really panned out.
It is not in Kiffin's M.O. to run the ball a ton, even if Saban wants him too
I know you meant Kansas state above but as a Missouri fan DONT EVER PUT MISTAKE ANYONE FOR KANSAS WHEN IT COMES TO FOOTBALL SUCCESS
For mizzou 1. Vincent didn't start Brantley did 2. Ruise didn't start one game this year
pretty much have a good holiday
Listen Im glad you like a book I really am, I also I enjoy fiction, here are some other good books, The Three Little Pigs, Goodnight Moon, and any Dr. Seuss book are fantastic
So divorce (also illegal) is in thanksgiving, tattoos, wearing gold all things illegal in the bible is ok
Also says not to wear tattoos but we ignore that too dont we? So cut it out with the bible its a stupid argument
Bible also says we shouldn't eat shrimp but we seem ok with eating shrimp so we ignore that part don't we?