In recent days, rumors have been swirling about Kentucky coach John Calipari potentially taking the job with the New York Knicks.

One of his former star Kentucky players — Kevin Knox — is currently playing for the Knicks, but Knox doesn’t think his former coach will be joining him in the Big Apple.

As you can see below, Knox thinks Coach Cal has a pretty good thing going with the Wildcats and won’t be heading to the NBA any time soon:

“Cal … I mean when Cal says he’s not going to do something, he’s pretty solid that he’s not going to do it,” Knox said. “Multiple reports came out that said he didn’t want to (go to New York). I mean Cal loves Kentucky. He runs that state and the fans love him there.

“He’s got the basketball program on lock there, so I don’t think he’ll leave that opportunity to keep helping kids get to the NBA. That’s something that he really loves to do. I think when he said he wasn’t going to do it, I think he’s really sold on it, that he doesn’t want to leave.”

Knox makes some good points about Calipari at Kentucky. We’ll see how the rest of the 2020 season goes for the Wildcats and who the Knicks end up hiring.