Not many would think Mississippi State and UCF fans would be rivals. The Bulldogs play in the SEC. The Knights play in the AAC. The two teams haven’t gone head-to-head since 2007.

But there’s one thing the programs have in common that had fans chirping back and forth on Twitter on Friday: space-themed uniforms.

That’s right, both Mississippi State and UCF will be wearing uniforms with ties to space in the coming weeks. The Knights are wearing special uniforms for their annual “Space Day” game against Tulane on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs are wearing throwback uniforms for their homecoming game against Vanderbilt on Nov. 7 that will feature the Flying M, which has ties to the United States space program.

So, which space-themed uniform is better? There were plenty on social media with opinions on that topic.

Here’s what some fans on Twitter were saying after both teams decided to have space ties to upcoming uniform designs: