When it came down to it, the SEC wasn’t alone in voting to ban satellite camps. In fact, the Big Ten more or loss was alone in wanting the satellite camps.

According to ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, the ACC, Big 12 and Pac-12 joined the SEC in ruling against them. Not only did four of the five Power 5 conferences vote that way, but so did the Sun Belt and Mountain West.

As a result, the vote to outlaw them was passed by a 10-5 margin, since Power 5 conference votes count as two votes and Group of 5 conference votes count for one.

There are plenty of reasons why it played out that way, and Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen spoke to The Clarion-Ledger about it, saying it was best for college football right now as it would open a pandora’s box.

“Are they flying their whole compliance office to these camps, making sure things are done right?” said Mullen, who recently became the SEC’s representative on the NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee. “ All that. Our compliance guys are at practice here. And budgetarily, (the decision) made sense to me.”

Aside from compliance concerns, Mullen also pointed to something former Georgia coach Mark Richt proclaimed earlier. That entails a whole lot more out-of-state traveling for the already travel-worn coaches who recruit 24/7.

“We’re trying to help develop and teach young people and help them grow,” Mullen said. “And then they look to their mentor and coach and say, ‘Have you ever seen your family?’ and we say, ‘No, I’ve never seen my family.’ I don’t know what type of example some of that sets.”