Yes, Kevin Sumlin’s tenure at Texas A&M has been full of ups and downs, with one of the lowest moments coming last week, when the Aggies blew a 44-10 lead in a 45-44 loss to UCLA.

However, one fan took it too far, mailing a letter to Sumlin’s house that included a racial slur and a threat of possible violence.

The letter was read by Sumlin’s wife, Charlene, and shared on her Twitter account, prompting justifiable outrage against the letter’s author.

After a win over Nicholls State on Saturday, Sumlin addressed the hate mail, telling the Associated Press that he’s used to getting criticism, but that it is completely out of line for something like that to be mailed to his house, where it was seen by his wife and children:

“When you cross the line like that with people that have nothing to do with decisions that are made when it comes to my job, that’s not OK,” Sumlin said. “I’ve done this a long time and I get lots of mail. I get a lot of it at the office, both positive and negative. I get criticism, which that’s part of the job. I get suggestions. That’s part of the job … (but) for that to come to my home and for her to open it and read that, I think that is completely different. My wife and kids have never called a play. My wife and kids have never done anything football-wise that led to us losing a game or winning a game.

“The racial piece of that is one part of it, but the open-ended threat at the end at my house I’ve got to draw the line there.”

Sadly, Sumlin seemed unfazed by the racial slur in the letter, which means he’s probably heard similar insults several times in his career.

Still, he’s absolutely right that criticism of his performance should start and end with him, as his wife and kids have nothing to do with Texas A&M’s wins and losses.