Rece Davis has identified a problem with the way the expanded College Football Playoff will be seeded, and the format of 6 automatic bids going to the conference champions when the field reaches 12 teams.

As an exercise on the “College GameDay” podcast, the ESPN host completed an exercise with Pete Thamel of the top 6-ranked teams by conference currently in the AP Top 25. Those teams are Georgia, Ohio State, Clemson, TCU, UCLA and Cincinnati. The Bearcats are currently No. 21, and Davis wondered if the so-called “access crowd” that wants more teams in the Playoff is happy.

“The sixth-highest conference champion might not be ranked at all this year, that’s one thing,” Davis said. “The other thing is Cincinnati is headed to one of the other conferences next year. I think this is a major flaw, it’s going to rear its ugly head when you least expect it and people are going to mad.”

Davis offered a solution to this problem. He said there should be a threshold established to prevent this kind of flaw, and it be a minimum that teams in the Playoff should be ranked in the top 12.

“There has to be a line of demarcation to make sure all of the 6 highest-ranked conference champions are worthy,” Davis said.