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What in the h3ll are you even talking about? By NCAA rules they shouldn’t be 10-0?? I was unaware that there WAS a rule that said that you’re not supposed to win 10 games. And why is the Tigers O line responsible for that? Are you insinuating that the LSU offense wouldn’t be as prolific if it weren’t for the O line committing holding penalties? Please. That’s absurd. The O line didn’t play great against the Rebels, but they didn’t play horrible. They gave up some sacks, of which some were coverage sacks. (The intended target on one play was knocked to the ground at the 5 yard line & had to settle for the first FG). But the O line wasn’t the problem for the “mere 21 point” win. It was the Defense. It was taking bad angles & piss poor tackling. It was only rushing 3 DL & playing 15 yards off the line. Essentially, the LSU D was in “prevent defense” after going up by 21. The problem is that Ole Miss doesn’t PASS to score quickly; they RUN. Even the commentators mentioned that the Rebel coaches had said as much. When the D only rushes 3, the LBs are 10 yards off the line, the DBs 15, the Rebel line created creases that the speedy QB could exploit. Throw in those crappy angles & horrible tackling? And the Tigers D looks like crap. Aranda has got to get his head out of his @$$. Last week we were playing press coverage at the line with a 12 point lead & under 2 minutes to play against Bama?? To Bama with 3 of the best WRs in the country & Aranda wants to play press coverage under 2 minutes?? That’s just CRAZY!!
Yeah, you’re right. That is EXACTLY where it needs to come from. Aranda is really starting to slip.
Hey Bama fans: On behalf of the LSU fan base, our thoughts & prayers go out to Tua & the Bama community. I really HATE that for him. That’s just something that you don’t want to ever happen. Sure football is a dangerous sport, but you NEVER wanna see someone injured, whether that’s on your team or an opponents. In times like this, you really aren’t even concerned with the implications to his football career. You just wish him a speedy & healthy recovery. Sending thoughts & prayers to him and his family. Best wishes, Tua.
For the record, I think that Bama is a great team. NOT the overwhelming juggernauts that they have been in the past, but a great team. Their D (most notably their D line) is not the impenetrable wall that it once was, but they are still good. With that being said, they don’t deserve to be in the top 4. In fact, I’d probably slot them even a little lower. I think that I’d at least put Oregon in front of them. Granted, they only have 1 loss, as does Oregon. Oregon’s loss was to Auburn on a NEUTRAL field, whereas Bama’s was to LSU on their HOME field. So, maybe an ever so slight advantage to Oregon there. The difference lies in the rest of the schedule. Bama’s other wins are just not that impressive. Sure they won by 50 or such, but it was Duke, New Mexico State, etc. And A&M was already falling fast. UGA has a really bad loss, but at least they have 2 good wins to counteract that. Bama doesn’t. So, UGA’s horrible loss & 2 ranked wins is better than Bama’s ranked loss & NO ranked wins. While I still think that Bama is a great team, in my opinion that got undone (MOSTLY) by their weak non conference schedule, and playing weaker opponents from the East. Yes, I’m aware that one of those weaker East opponents was the very team that beat UGA. But, again, NO quality wins, whereas UGA beat ND & Florida.
So, Pam?? This is your first time watching college football, huh?? Most certainly watching LSU play. Just by some crazy chance, would you happen to know what letter Louisiana State University (LSU) starts with. I know that “alphabet thing” can be kinda “tricky” at times?? But I’ll give you a hint, it’s in the shape of that very letter that Burrow was signaling. That’s right, it’s an “L”. While Bama DID tote the “L”, that’s NOT what Burrow or the other Tigers were signaling. In fact, when young recruits declare the intent to commit to LSU in the off season, they often flash the “L” to show their commitment. As for post game videos & class?? There is NO way that a Bama fan can EVER claim the “high ground”. NEVER. At least LSU fans don’t poison 100+ year old trees, fight OU fans in the stands at the Sugar Bowl, kill other relatives for not showing the proper amount of grief after an Iron Bowl loss, or commit a SEXUAL ASSAULT by “T bagging” an unconscious LSU fan in a Krystal Burger in New Orleans. So???? Bama fans & class are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Therefore, get back to us when you have even an INKLING about football & “class”!?!? lol
Take away the 17 points in turnovers? Are you kidding me?? Ok, fine. Let’s take those away. Forget about those 17 points, done. But, if we take away THOSE mistakes, then let’s apply that BOTH ways. Take away the botched punt coverage. Racey McMath should’ve just held on to the face mask, brought him down, & the Tigers give up 15 yards & not the TD. (That’s 7 points). Take away the 66 yard TD pass against Stingley, since he was being distracted by his own sideline (another 7 points). And take away the 85 yard TD late in the game, due to said freshman DB playing press coverage with a 12 point lead under 2 minutes (another 7). Take away the breakdown on special teams that allowed a extra point to get blocked (1 point). Hmmm?? Ok. We will forget about those 17 points off of Bama’s miscues. And you forget about those 22 points of LSU’s miscues. By my math, that’s a net of 5 additional points for LSU. The Tigers win by 10, instead of 5. That sounds logical to me!?!? You can’t have it BOTH ways.
While I agree with you for the most part, there is one stark contrast. Bama has 1 loss (granted, that’s to a higher ranked team), but really no signature wins. I guess one could make a theoretical argument about the win against aTm, since the aggies were ranked #24 at the time. But still that’s not that impressive. While UGA has a loss as well (granted that’s to an unranked USC), they also have wins against 2 ranked teams. And those 2 wins are against teams that are still ranked in the top 25. Bama only has 1 remaining game against a ranked opponent (Auburn). UGA also only has one remaining ranked opponent (again Auburn). However, UGA is in the drivers seat for the SEC East. Which means that they’ll probably be in Atlanta facing ANOTHER ranked team. Therefore, UGA will have faced 4 ranked teams & be the SEC East champ. Whereas Bama will have only faced 3 (really only 2 & a half since A&M is no longer ranked). UGA’s resume’ is still stronger than Bama’s even with their loss to USC.
I knew that there was gonna be at least one of you Bama fans out there that was gonna start making excuses. As surely as death & taxes, there had to be at least one (probably thousands more) of you with the excuses. As for the game itself, LSU could have & SHOULD have beaten the tide a lot worse. The Tigers special teams played like crap. Missed tackle/ face mask for a punt return TD. Blocked extra point. That’s 8 points right there. Our true freshman DB got caught taking instructions from the sidelines for a TD. The same freshman DB playing press coverage with a 12 point lead under 2 minutes? WHY? They should’ve had 4 safeties dropped 20 yards off the ball. That’s inexplicable. And don’t start whining about the refs, because for EVERY “controversial call” that went for LSU, I can show you another that went Bama’s way. (Burrows first incompletion? The WR was basically horse collared. Face mask on Burrow’s run that didn’t get called, thereby forcing a FG. And there’s others). So don’t start throwing out excuses about the refs. And as for mistakes? That goes BOTH ways. If you’re gonna use mistakes as an excuse for why Bama didn’t win. Then LSU gets to use that same logic to show why they should’ve beaten the tide WORSE. As for your SOS? There’s not a lot to say. The teams that you’ve faced from the East definitely don’t help your case. LSU has beaten Vandy & Florida. Vandy ain’t all that, but Florida is. That’s a lot better than Tennessee & South Carolina. Your non conference is a JOKE. And from the West, the only team that has a pulse that you’ve beaten is aTm. That’s not that impressive. Personally, I think that the tide will lose to Auburn. I could be wrong, but they’ve got an outstanding defense, especially up front. Regardless, of what happens later on, you can drop the excuses. Whether those excuses be about Tua’s injury or “mistakes”. Isn’t that what y’all told us last year when Devin White was suspended for the first half of the game. “NO EXCUSES”?? I guess that doesn’t apply for Bama fans?? lol
Joe: Tua is a great QB. But not their best ever. Sure he’s thrown more yards than all of those others. But it’s a completely different era than back then. I’d almost bet that Tua has attempted more passes in his time at Bama than those other three did COMBINED. That’s not even comparing apples to oranges. That’s like comparing oranges to tennis balls. Both spherical, but not remotely alike outside of shape.
Personally, I never understood the notion that Alabama considered themselves to be the heart of Dixie. Granted, the country music band Alabama made the hit song “Dixieland Delight” back in the early 80s. But the heart of Dixie & the origin of that term is not about Alabama. The term Dixie came from the bills of currency that traders were paid in New Orleans. They traded their wares for French bills paid in denominations of 10 or dix (pronounced deese). And that’s the origin of Dixie.
First of all, NO. He re-established himself in the field of play. Secondly, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Because, I believe that if they looked closer, they’d see that the defender touched the ball first, by a fingertip. If the defender touches the ball FIRST, it doesn’t matter if the WR went out of bounds or not. IF HE DIDN’T re-establish himself (which he DID), then he can still catch a tipped pass. And I’d say that the INT just before the half was a bigger stunning moment than anything. Lot of football left. So, we’ll have to see how it plays out. But LSU’s special teams have essentially given up 8 points that could come back to haunt them. So, I’m not gonna count anything out just yet. Hopefully, my Tigers keep the pedal to the metal & come away with the W.
If you look at the body of work for THIS season, then yeah, LSU deserves the #1 ranking. However, I wouldn’t really have a problem with Bama staying at #1 either. Because these two great football teams are gonna have to settle it on the field in a couple of weeks anyway. But I DO find it laughable that Ohio State fans are clamoring that they should be at the top. Because up until this weekend, they have played NOBODY. Florida Atlantic, Cincinnati, Indiana, Miami of Ohio, Nebraska, Michigan State, Northwestern? Granted, Cincinnati is ranked NOW, but they should NOT be. Nebraska? Michigan State? Both of those had fallen out of the rankings before OSU even played them. Speaking of Nebraska, why in the world do big10 fans claim there’s an SEC bias? How in the world was Nebraska even remotely ranked THIS year if there wasn’t a big10 bias. The Huskers were 4-8 last year, but started out ranked #24. Really? I’d say that’s a little biased there, because they weren’t & aren’t worth a crap (4-4 right now). So now the Buckeyes are staking a claim to the top spot because they beat Wisky (#18)?? The same Wisky team that just previously got beat by a 31 point underdog team? So, OSU has nothing to complain about with their not being at the top spot. While Bama’s strength of schedule THUS FAR is not that impressive, it will all shake out in two weeks anyway. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter if LSU or Bama is at #1 right NOW. Whomever wins on November 9th will clearly & rightfully be the #1 team in the country. Hopefully (for me) that will be LSU. Gonna be an immensely difficult game to win, but hopefully the Tigers are up to the task. Geaux Tigers.
While playing high school football DECADES ago, my coach once called a timeout JUST so that he could walk out onto the field, grab our WR by the face mask, twist his head to the side, & start smacking him on the helmet with the heel of his hand, and loudly berating him. Although it’s rather funny how times have now, those of us standing in the huddle at the time were momentarily shocked. Of course, if we had EVER thought about “backtalking” our coach before, we certainly did NOT ever think about it again. However, Pruitt should realize that times HAVE changed. And although, I don’t really think that there’s a problem with what he actually DID there, it does somewhat call into question his ability to show constraint. If Pruitt can’t restrain himself from grabbing a players face mask in front 100K fans & a national tv audience?? Then there’s no telling what he does at practice?? And that’s what MANY recruits & their parents are going to be wondering in a couple months on NSD. Just saying.
I don’t know of ANY LSU fan that would be looking past Auburn. I’m certainly not. Firstly, because it’s the NEXT game, and that’s the one that needs to be focused on. Secondly, the Auburn D line is outstanding. Burrow is an AWESOME QB, but he’s gotta be able to work his magic. If they are getting consistent pressure & in his face the whole time, it really puts a damper on LSU’s vaunted passing attack. IF the LSU O line protects Joe all game long, then LSU wins fairly easy. But IF NOT, then it comes down to a slugfest of the running game. And if that’s the case, then who knows what happens. So, I’m NOT worried about what’s going on with Bama right now. I’ll turn my attention to them AFTER the Auburn game.
I think that I’ve been more worried about this game than any of the others on the schedule. Certainly the “revenge factor” has a little bit to do with that. I would imagine that Auburn has that bad taste in their mouth from last year’s LSU victory. BUT, the biggest concern that I’ve had is the Auburn D line. In MY opinion, it all hinges on that battle in the trenches. The LSU line is going to HAVE to play their best game and protect Burrow. Bottom line. I’m not saying that they will keep Joe clean the whole game. But IF THEY CAN, then LSU will win easily. IF Auburn can not get pressure on Burrow, then he will have the time to carve up their secondary. With the WRs that LSU has & the decision making of Joe, the offense will put up big numbers & can (at the very least) outpace anything Auburn’s offense can do. But that is ALL dependent upon LSU giving Burrow time to throw. Admittedly, that is a BIG TEST though, because their D line is outstanding.
I was under the belief that Burrow had 25 TD passes coming into this game. But I’ve seen two different stats that said 27. Where did those other 2 come from? Even saw a Twitter post from Reddit that said 27. Well it said 29 (with the 2 from this first half). Incidentally, he should have had 3 in this game if Dillon comes back for the ball in the end zone. Dillon just dropped an EASY one there, and the Tigers has to settle for a FG. The Tigers are a great football team, but they were sleepwalking in the 1st Q. Hopefully, they’re fully awake now.
If the spread is double digits, then I wouldn’t touch that game. I could never bet “against” the Tigers, but that’s too many points against Florida. Even when Florida is “bad”, they always play the Tigers tough. I’m thinking 27-21 LSU. LSU great offense is marginally better than Florida’s D (so that’s worth FG). Playing at night in Tiger Stadium is worth another FG.
Actually, that’s not quite right either. The last time that LSU & UF played in Tiger Stadium, Orgeron was NOT the coach. He was the INTERIM coach. He wasn’t NAMED the head coach until later on.
That whole “rant” was to say that he didn’t have his team FOCUSED on the task at hand, which is the opponent. He was too busy making behind closed doors talks with the Dolphins & then lying about it. And his LSU players were hearing all those rumors too. And if you don’t think those things affect the team chemistry & cohesion, then you’ve probably never played team sports. And on that last play, you could see that he was befuddled. He almost seemed to be in a panic. Why? Because he knew that he hadn’t properly prepared his team to earn the victory. And it is THAT fact that makes me dislike him. He was LSU’s coach. And as such, it was HIS job to win games for his “employer”. But he was too busy working to take care of HIS future, instead of LSU’s Bowl game. Had he done that & earned the W, I wouldn’t have any issue with him. And that is what the so called “rant” was about.
And on a side note: How many spots does Michigan move UP in the polls this week?? Sports writers?!? SMDH.
So???? What you’re saying is that the talking heads of ESPN are going to STOP anointing UCF as a CFP contender?? Nah, I don’t believe that they’d do that to the 2017 National “Chumpions”?!? Surely NOT?? Pfft. Ok, UCF fans. Y’all can go back to obscurity now. Enjoy your “15 minutes of fame”. Fame that you didn’t deserve & should have NEVER HAD!! Lol.
Alatide: Yeah, you’re certainly correct. No one gives a crap until it’s against “teams that matter”. But, for the record, the teams that LSU has played have “mattered” MORE up until this point. At least the Tigers have played & defeated a ranked opponent. That’s NOT a slight to Bama & their talented team. But it’s not right to reference the “quality of opponents”, as your argument. Especially when LSU has an advantage in that criteria. Beating the #9 team on the road is nothing to scoff at. Just saying.
I really DESPISE Nick Saban. And I’m sure that many (assuredly Bama fans) will say that it’s jealousy. But, I can whole heartedly say that is NOT the case. I do respect his coaching prowess & what all he’s done for Bama & college football. However, I HATED him BEFORE he went to Bama, and was coaching the Dolphins against the Saints IN Tiger Stadium. It is NOT that he left. Hey, more power to him. It’s a credit to his ability as a coach. But I hate him for HOW HE LEFT. Prior to the Bowl game against Iowa, he denied, and denied, and then LIED about going to the NFL. There were constant questions leading up to that Bowl game, and he continued to DENY & LIE. And then a couple days before the game, he FINALLY came clean. And because of all that drama, the Tigers played a less than inspired game. However, they were still winning up until the LAST play of the game. All that was needed was to make a tackle in the field of play & LSU wins. And the game is OVER with the victory in hand. Had LSU won that game or NS just WAITED another week to take the job, I’d have NO problem at all. I would have wished him all the BEST & would’ve thought NOTHING of it. So, it AINT about THAT he left (or even who he coaches for NOW), but about HOW he left.
Although you’re an idiot gumpster & strongly disagree with your assessment of the 3 losses, I gotta give you a HINT of amusement with your “white boots” reference. But, other than that, you’re response is way off target.
As an LSU fan, sure I think that the Tigers are gonna win. And my heart hopes that they win big. Will that come to fruition? Probably not. However, when I try to remove my emotional bias from the equation, I still think that LSU wins. And my logic behind that comes down to one thing. The Tigers defense against a depleted Longhorn RB corps. Texas only has one true scholarship RB. Sure they’ve pressed a former QB into that role, as well as moving a defender to the offensive side. Therefore, I don’t believe that these “new RBs” are going to be up to the task of running against that LSU front 7. This is gonna force them to be more reliant on the pass. Ehlinger is a good QB & is gonna make some big plays with his arm. But he’s also going to be throwing against one of the best secondary’s in the country. Delpit is an All American & a beast at Safety. Fulton is can stick to a WR like glue. And the freshman Stingley probably could’ve started at CB in the Bowl game last year, even though he was still in HS. Longhorns are gonna get some big plays, but being more one dimensional is gonna set them up for a variety of blitz packages, because the LSU LBs are not as worried about the run. Because of that, it is MY opinion that LSU wins 31-24. My heart would love to say that the Tigers win 56-0, but Texas is much better than that. They’ll give LSU a fight. But based on the status of the Texas backfield, I’m going with the Tigers by a TD.
DK is probably the most anti-SEC football analyst that I’ve ever seen. It’s so obvious that I’m surprised he doesn’t have it tattooed on his forehead. But since we are talking about this “bad weekend” for the SEC, can we stop & look at this for a second. Of the 14 SEC teams, 9 of them WON their games. Vandy lost to a higher ranked SEC team in UGA, so you can throw that one out. So, let’s look at the 4 other non conference losses. Ole Miss lost to Memphis (who was FAVORED). So, was that a shocker? Well, even the oddsmakers in Vegas say NO. USC lost to UNC by 4 points. Hmm? I’m pretty sure that the “new guy” coaching for the Tar Heels has coached in some pretty big games before?? So, he MIGHT be a “decent coach”, ESPECIALLY in a rivalry game of neighboring states?? So, is that really a “horrible loss”?? I kinda THOUGHT that USC would win, but a Mack Brown coached team “upsetting” the Gamecocks was certainly plausible. Missouri losing to Wyoming? I didn’t think that Mizzou was gonna be THAT great this year. But after watching Herbstreet say that they were gonna contend in the East, I was a BIT surprised. However, that loss just made me realize that my opinion should NOT have been swayed by the “talking heads”. The Vols losing to GA State? I don’t know where to even BEGIN. Are y’all REALLY surprised?? I’m certainly NOT. For the past 15 years, Tennessee has been the SEC’s version of Michigan. And of ND in the 2000s. A team that is SO HYPED before the start of the season (like Nebraska of THIS year), only to lose a game they should’ve won within the first month of the season. Then they’ll struggle to become bowl eligible. Maybe or maybe NOT make it. Then the following year, they’ll have a decent recruiting class. And over the summer, the slate will be wiped clean of the previous year’s transgressions. And they’ll be HYPED again. I believe that we’ve heard EVERY year that UT is about to “turn the corner”, and they still haven’t. How MANY coaches have they had, since Fulmer was fired?? So? Do I think that the Vols SHOULD have won?? Maybe (MAYBE). But them losing was NOT A SURPRISE in the least. So, to DK & the rest of the SEC haters: TRUE football fans in SDS country know enough about the game of CFB, that we realize where our weaker links are. If LSU had lost to GA Southern, or Bama to Duke, or UGA to Vandy, etc., then YEAH, I would’ve been shocked as h3ll. And then it would’ve been a “bad, BAD weekend”. But these 4 non conference losses are a surprise to no one but the “talking heads” that like to CREATE a storyline!?!?
Wow!! I must have ESP. I nailed it. Now, if I can only channel those psychic abilities for Saturday’s Powerball numbers, I will be a very wealthy man. Wait, so you’re saying that I’m NOT psychic for guessing that “Alright, alright, alright” would be the guest picker?? Well CRAP!?!?
Black & Gold: You’re kidding, right?? Ok, let me get this out first. I have 0 problems with Vandy being in the SEC. It’s a great school & at times has had a fantasy athletic program (NOT in football, but other sports). Obviously, they’ve been great in baseball for the past decade or so. I remember MANY years ago when their basketball team was tough. But to “challenge” LSU with the “what have you done lately”?? That’s just asinine. Although it’s not in THIS decade, LSU Baseball DID win the natty 10 years ago. They’ve been to the CWS a couple times since (runner up a couple years ago). Football team won 2 in the 2000s & played again in 2011. Basketball, not so great, but made the tourney a couple times. Gymnastics has competed for national titles. Golf team won a national title 2 or 3 years ago. Men & women’s track always near the top. So, to try to slight LSU is pure lunacy. Now, one other thing. Nashville is the “best destination city in the SEC”?? You have lost your mind on that one. I’d but Nashville ahead of the MS schools (though I actually had a great time in Starkville years ago) & Fayetteville, but that’s about it. I would love to go to Athens or Gainesville. Maybe even College Station. And if you’re talking about the SEC footprint, that notion is even more laughable.
Maybe I’m way off base here, but I strongly disagree with Paul’s take on this situation. When LSU announced the hiring of Woodward as the new AD, I was somewhat surprised by his in depth bio. Of course I knew of his connection to LSU. But it was something else that caught my attention. According to the bio, Woodward has long maintained a home in the French Quarter and on Grand Isle. Hmmm? I’ve been to Grand Isle numerous times. While driving down there, one goes through several small communities like Larose, Galliano, & Golden Meadow. Anyone care to guess where Coach O is from and went to school? It is just MY opinion, but I could easily see AD Woodward & Coach O hanging out on Grand Isle. Perhaps they might even catch some redfish or white trout for the grill? Whatever the case may be, I would assume that they will have some common interests in the Grand Isle area. As such, I think they will become pretty tight friends. Therefore, Coach O might have a longer leash than any one of us suspected. And definitely longer than what Finebaum believes. That’s MY opinion anyway.