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The 2021 LSU Tigers will go down in college football history as the greatest, most talented football team to have a losing record. Hands down. There is speed, strength, and talent all over the field. The Tigers should be 5-0. Instead they’re 3-2. Hmm?? Why’s that? If one is looking for answers, there can be only one reason. Coaching. LSU got beat because they couldn’t tackle a guy in Auburn’s backfield named Bo NIX. If you’d have said Auburn beat us with a guy named Bo JACKSON, I’d have understood & said “That dude is really AWESOME”. But Bo NIX?? Nah!! If LSU doesn’t fire O, he better at least fire his coordinators, because they are way over their head. Having to call a TO after receiving the kickoff trailing by a TD with less than 3 minutes left in the game?? Seriously? And after said TO, the OC calls a running play on 2nd & 10? Haven’t tried to run the ball all game long & you call one THEN? That’s absolutely ASININE. Yup, most talented college team of all time to have a losing record. SMDH.
Does anyone know the cause behind the new rule regarding audio & scoreboard operators? That’s a new one on me. Never heard anything like that.
Apparently so. The way that SDS made it sound, it was as if some serious derogatory remarks were made by the kid. But a simple picking up the “wrong hat” for about 1.5 SECONDS definitely does NOT constitute “trolling”.
Come on SDS Staff writer. That’s NOT a “troll”. I hate Bama with a passion, and as such would never jump to their defense. But that AINT a “troll” of Bama. It was all scripted from the onset. The entire family breaks out the OU gear after he announces his decision. Y’all seriously think that he did that just to piss off Bama. It was only an attempt at building up the hype & the suspense. This kid had 36 offers & narrowed it down to 5, WITH Bama included in that. I seriously doubt that he “hated” Bama so much that he wanted to include them in his top 5, just so that he could do the ole hat “shell game” just to “troll” them. This is a non story. Truthfully, as I despise Bama to the point that I was HOPING that there would be some type of animosity in his decision, but sadly this ain’t it. Just a kid that was doing what 100s of others have done. Either that or he’s so dumb that he didn’t know where he put the OU hat. And if that’s the case, then that doesn’t bode well for the Sooners. I’m just sayin.
Dayum. Aint that just some sh!tty luck. What could possibly have been a million dollar injury caused by some $20 flip-flops. And I’m not saying that to be a smartass. Just that it’s very unfortunate luck for something so trivial (something that you wear every weekend in the summer) could lead to something so catastrophic. I certainly wish him the best & hope that he gets better soon. I was really looking forward to his play this year.
Come on, man. NOT the canes. If we had to add another Florida school, I’d rather have UCF than Miami. And that’s a HUGE stretch. I’d rather have Jacksonville State than the canes. I’m just sayin. We don’t need that trash.
Apparently, Mr. Schulz did not read the testimony of Jay Hartzell (UT president) before the Texas state legislature. When asked, Hartzell specifically stated that HE reached out to SEC & Sankey. In other words, Texas ASKED about the possibility of joining the SEC. The SEC did NOT SEEK Texas. Texas sought the SEC. Hartzell then communicated with the president of OU, and enlisted his support for the departure of both schools. (For the record, this also shows that the longhorns & the sooners NEED the SEC a lot more than the SEC needs them. But that’s for another discussion). Therefore, how in the hell can the SEC be “predatory”, when these schools approached them. Not the other way around. Sure, adding these schools will benefit the SEC. I find it rather ironic that these 2 schools have finally realized that the SEC is the preeminent power in college sports, especially football. And that they finally realized it to the point of actually doing something about it. Meanwhile, the PAC schools were just sitting on their @$$, hoping that they would finally field a team that could crash the party. Apparently, they still refused to see the writing on the wall. And now they are going to pay dearly for that. Now, the only way that they’ll see one of their teams in the CFP, is IF it’s gets expanded to 12 teams. So, Schulz’s comments about the “predatory nature” of the SEC are completely asinine.
It’s not often that I agree with a Bama fan (lmao), but you’re absolutely right. All of these conference commissioners are SAYING that they are NOT in “panic mode”. I say bullshiggity. Some of them are in a better position than others (ACC & Big 10), but the remaining Big 12 members & the PAC 12 are sh!tting the bed right now. None of the remaining Big 12 members have sniffed a national title in decades. And the PAC hasn’t played for the title but once (Oregon) since the usc team of 2005. So, I’d bet those PAC & Big 12 presidents would jump ship from their conference, if there were even a hint of moving to something “bigger & better”. None of them want to be the last one holding the bag. I’d imagine that at some point in the next couple years, that it will be “every man for himself”. They are all left looking for “the best of the leftovers”?? That’s my opinion anyway.
9mmDave: I could be wrong about this, but I think that dvhill’s first line was quoting what Schulz said. I’m sure that he realizes that OU & Texas would be a HUGE revenue stream. That’s how I read his comment anyway.
I’m confused. What are you laughing at? Personally, I love the LSU vs. Bama game every year. And if it wasn’t an annual thing, I’d miss it tremendously. However, LOGIC dictates that it would be easier to win the West division if Bama were in the East. Do you NOT agree with that? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the West has been the stronger side of the conference. Since 2000, how many national champs have come out of the East? 2, both by UF. Notwithstanding Bama’s titles, how many have come out of the West? 4, by LSU & Auburn. Again, that’s not including Bama’s titles. So, it’s a no-brainer that the West has been the stronger side over the past 2 decades. Therefore, it would definitely be an easier road to Atlanta for LSU, if Bama & Auburn were in the East. I didn’t say that I don’t want to play them. Just using simple LOGIC. Bahahahaha.
I don’t want either of them. However, if they did add them, it would be a simple fix. You’d still have 2 divisions. Auburn & Bama would move to the East. The sooners & shorthorns join the West. And Mizzou is moved to the West. That’s 8 per division & classic rivalries remain. You’d still keep your permanent cross division rival. The only question would be whether you’d then have 2 cross division rotating games or just the 1?
Being an LSU fan, naturally I have a general dislike for other SEC teams, Aggies included (perhaps the Aggies even more so). However, with that being said, I still tend to be more loyal to current SEC teams than those from OOC. Therefore, I hope that LSU & the other SEC ADs support A&M in their move to block ut & ou for 2 reasons. The first reason being out of loyalty to A&M for making the bold move 10 years ago to join the SEC. The second reason is a bit more petty. It’s because I think that it’s HILARIOUS that these schools (which have frequently bashed the hell out of the SEC) are now BEGGING to join the “cool kids club”. They’ve bashed us for years, but now want to be a part of the best conference in all of college sports. That is RICH. I think it’s hilarious. Screw them. For the record, general wisdom says that it would likely benefit my LSU Tigers. If they added ut & ou, it would stand to reason that they would realign the divisions with those 2 in the West. As a result (to keep division rivals intact), Auburn & Bama would go to the East & Missouri would come to the West to balance things out. Considering Bama’s string of national titles, I’d rather beat the crap out of ut & ou every year than have to play Bama annually. I think that it would actually benefit LSU for them to join the West. But, again, after bashing the SEC for all these years. Screw the shorthorns & sooners.
I’ve been an LSU Tiger fan for many decades. And I defended Jordan Jefferson when he got into a bar room brawl back in 2011. And defended players from other schools that have gotten into bar fights or DWIs. Unfortunately, those type of incidents happen on college campuses. I, myself, was involved in a few bar fights back in my college days (thankfully, never arrested). Things like that regrettably happen in college towns. HOWEVER, this is something entirely different. I don’t know that he should be “officially banned” by the NFL. But I don’t think that he should ever be on another NFL roster. Just my opinion, anyway.
Granted, I heard some LSU people talk about going after Vitello for LSU’s next coach. However, most of the people that I had heard from weren’t really that serious about going after him. NOT because he isn’t a good coach. But because of 2 reasons. One is that he doesn’t have as LONG of a track record of success as some of the other candidates previously mentioned. Apparently his players love him & he’s a great coach. But he’s only been a Tennessee for 4 years. That’s just not as comparable as Corbin or O’Sullivan, etc. And the other factor is also tied to ONLY being with the Vols for 4 years. He’s trying to BUILD something there at Tennessee. It would be pointless to try to lure him away from doing just that. The ONLY way that you could possibly make him forego his BUILDING process, is to offer him an INSANE amount of $$$$. He would have come to LSU (or many other schools) if they had offered him about 5-6 million a year. But that’s NOT happening anywhere right now. So, while I think Tony is a great coach & gonna have many successful years ahead of him, I don’t think that he would’ve ever been in serious consideration for the LSU job. My opinion, anyway.
As much as I love LSU baseball, this is a fitting end to our season & to the CPM era. I think that the LSU Baseball Tigers MIGHT beat said unknown Connecticut. That way CPM gets to say that they “gave it their all”, before then going 1-2 in the Regional. Personally, I think that Paul should have been let go about 3 years ago.
In a shock to no one, there are a bunch of idiots on Twitter. lol. There’s should be absolutely NO discussion about Finley being the starter. First of all, Brennan has paid his due & has earned his starting position. He’s been in the program for 3 years, has studied the playbook & film, been mentored by Joe Burrow, etc. He is & should stay the starter when he’s healthy. Now, since Brennan couldn’t go, I was really interested in seeing Finley in a actual game experience (not just Spring scrimmage). And he did NOT disappoint. The kid has a cannon for an arm. Very impressed with him. The pass that was intercepted was an awesome throw. It got out there with zip. It was some obvious miscommunication with the WR. I really look forward to watching Finley be the starter one day..... in the FUTURE. But not now. The Tigers lost 2 games while Brennan was the starter. But that had next to nothing to do with him. The Tigers D looked like sh!t.
17Tide: You keep using this word “holistically” speaking. I’m unsure whether or not you’re using this term correctly. Is it your intention for the fellow readers to view OU & USC “historically” speaking? Or “holistically” speaking? If you are, in fact, talking about a “holistic” view of these programs, then your theory is even more skewed. Holistic means to look at the whole system of why thinks are happening the way that they are. And BOTH of these programs have benefited from playing in extremely weak conferences WHEN they were winning. Sure OU won a bunch of conference titles. That’s gonna happen when it’s OU & nobody else. Texas had a FEW good years & even won a title against USC. They even made a BCS appearance in 09. So, at best, the Big 12 is a 2 team conference. In the past 20 years, there’s only been 2 Big 12 teams win a total of 2 CFB titles. Conversely in that time period, there’s been 4 SEC teams win a total of 11 titles. So, “holistically” speaking, OU has won a bunch of conference titles because they’ve benefited from a weak conference. And then when they get into the playoffs or Bowl games, they get BLASTED. And “historically” speaking, 1 title in 20 years should NOT elevate them those on “Tier 2”. These same arguments also hold true for USC.
Lowhound: Class? WTH would Bama fans know about “class”?? News flash. It’s not only that thing that you started skipping in the 6th grade. The “Alabama Fighting Updykes” have zero credibility regarding the concept of class, when they commit sexual battery (teabagging) of an unconscious LSU fan. Or when they commit battery against OU fans at the Sugar Bowl. Or when they kill another fan for not showing “sufficient grief” after the Kick six loss. Now THAT is some REAL CLASS right there. (Sarcasm noted here). Therefore, for future reference, when discussing the topic of the “class” of college football fans, please abstain from voting & leave the room. Harvey Updyke has already voted for you.
Oh, and I forgot to mention how LSU “barely” won. The game was never in doubt. After the second quarter, Bama NEVER ONCE had possession of the ball with the chance to tie or take the lead. They always had the ball trailing by 2 TDs. And had our All American FRESHMAN DB not been caught getting instructions from the sideline & been put into press coverage with just over a minute left in the game, it would’ve been MUCH WORSE. With LSU’s prolific offense, the game was never in doubt. And nice try with the “injury depleted” EXCUSE. It’s amusing that the “injury depleted” theory is NEVER justified, UNLESS Bama is the one using it?? Crazy how that happens? Hypocritical much? LOL.
USMC0331: Spell check police? Lmao. What does spell check have to do with math. You’re getting your grammar school subjects mixed up. Let me put this into a context that you might relate to: When the bank comes to foreclose on your double wide trailer, you cannot use the logic of making 8 years worth of on time payments, instead of the full 10 years. See?? Math is tricky that way. 8 is less than 10. Just saying.
Across every fan base in college football, Bama fans should be the LAST ones to be critical of someone else. The VERY LAST ones. Shall I offer a litany of examples? Or maybe perhaps I only have to note the likes of Harvey Updyke & the sexual battery of the “teabagger”? Enough said.
I know that arithmetic has never been considered an asset by Bama fans; however, I was always led to believe that a decade was 10 years instead of 8. But I guess that’s par for the course, as Gumps always round up for convenience?? Numbers that aren’t multiples of 5 are tricky that way, right?
I’m not naive enough to think that Brady will be at LSU 10 years from now. Probably not even another 5. However, I do think that he will be at LSU next year & quite possibly the year after that. And I’m sure that other college teams & some NFL teams will come courting. But I don’t see him jumping ship to become the OC for just ANY team. Or even the HC for some obscure FCS team. I would imagine that he would take enough time to insure that it would be somewhere that is the right fit, with great growth potential. As for his status at LSU, I’m sure that they are gonna make sure he’s gets a hefty raise with an offer that will be difficult to pass on for the short term anyway.
It’s probably a good thing that you’re unemployed. It would be a horrible thing to lose your job just after Christmas, due to a failed drug test.
That’s not true. I’ll be rooting for Bama again this year. And I DESPISE Alabama. Just as I DESPISE every other team in the SEC. While I hate Bama, I respect them & their talent. But I don’t respect teams outside of the SEC, as their conference schedule is just not as tough. Therefore, I LOATHE the other teams. So, frankly, I hope Alabama beats Hairball enough to send his arrogant @$$ back to being an assistant in the NFL. I hate the Aggies & was so thrilled that LSU put a curb stomping on them in last game of the season. But I was almost equally thrilled to see them beat Ok State. So, I don’t like any other team in the SEC, but I DETEST those outside of it. SEC “homer”?? Maybe. But I’m also aware that it’s where the best CFB is played. And from the BCS era to the CFP, the facts speak for themselves.
Hmm?? So, by your logic, only a small part of Louisiana is in the “South”?? Didn’t realize that. So many historical moments all wiped out by being on the wrong side of the Mississippi River. I guess that’s kind of understandable. New Orleans (origin for the term “Dixie”) IS on the East side of the river.
Uhhh?? Lmao. Apparently, geography is not your strength. Houston (where this kid is from) is actually MUCH further south than Athens, Georgia. So?? Maybe you meant “Welcome NORTH Brother”??
Wait? What? A Mississippi State fan talking sh!t about “LSWho”?? Dude, you’ve got no (and I mean NO) credence to call ANYONE “who”, least of all to LSU. Your TOWN is so obscure that it’s the height of sarcasm when it’s referred to “Stark Vegas”, because there isn’t sh!t in that town. Unless things have changed since I was last there, not only do the few bars there close at 12, they bouncers actually take your drink out of your hand at 11:45. So, yeah, I’m sure that your “delicate sensibilities” would be shattered by the alcohol consumption of LSU fans. If I remember correctly, we so had to wait until after noon to purchase beer at the liquor store on the day of the game. That’s just PITIFUL. And BTW: That trite expression of “LSWho”? By chance do you know what word the “who” part of that has replaced?? University. As in Mississippi State UNIVERSITY. In fact, I’ve seen several of your logos with “MSU”. In fact, the vast majority of colleges competing in the NCAA have “University” in their name. The “WhoSC” vs. Iowa game is on now. In the CFB playoffs tomorrow, the LSU Tigers play the “OWho” Sooners. Then Clemson plays the “OSWho” Buckeyes. Hmm?? Imagine that. Well, never mind, as you certainly CAN’T. The MSWho Bulldogs haven’t even sniffed a national championship, much less won one. Meanwhile, LSU has two nattys this century & played in another. Your cowbells & bull pups?? Not so much. Therefore, go back to the end of the line & wait for a semblance of being relevant before trying to call ANYONE out. Were it not for an Ole Piss player hiking his leg, your puppies wouldn’t even have been ELIGIBLE for a Bowl.
Personally, I can’t say that I would blame Coach O for advising his friend Kiffin to not take the Ole Miss job. In my opinion, I don’t think it would be a good fit for either the university or Kiffin. If you’re an Ole Miss fan, ask yourself this: Is Lane Kiffin going to be your head coach in 5 years? And the answer is unequivocally NO. There are only 2 possible outcomes of Kiffin’s tenure at Ole Miss. He either wins games or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t win a BUNCH of games for them, he’ll be fired. If he DOES?? Do you really think that he will stay there if he makes them a dominant force?? Hell no. If he left Tennessee (a program with a much more storied history than Ole Miss) after 1 year, he will DEFINITELY leave Oxford when greater opportunities come along. I can fathom Oregeron staying at LSU until he decides to retire. And definitely Saban stays at Bama until he decides to retire. And Fisher & Mullens, etc. But Kiffin? Nah, not a chance. Either he sucks & is fired. Or he’s awesome & bolts for the NFL or some other high profile college position. It would be funny as hell to see him take Chip Kelly’s place at UCLA in 4 or 5 years.
For all of the OSU fans that are clamoring about the Buckeyes SOS & feeling “slighted”, here’s something to ponder: The LSU Tigers & the Buckeyes are both 13-0. But let’s look at who the Tigers have beaten this year en route to their perfect record. This season, LSU has beaten FOUR different teams that have won a national championship in this century. They’ve beaten Texas, who has 1. They’ve beaten Auburn, also with 1. LSU also beat Florida this year, who has had 2. And the Tigers also won IN Tuscaloosa to Bama, who has had 5. That’s beating 4 teams with a total of 9 national championships between them in this century. I know that many of you will say, “Yeah, but that’s the PAST.” And to an extent that’s a relevant context. But it DOES show that the teams that the Tigers have beaten THIS YEAR, have been a RELEVANT contender in the more recent national football landscape. And for context, let’s look at the other 3 teams in this year’s College Football Playoff. OSU played 0 teams with a natty THIS century. Clemson? 0. Oklahoma? 1. (The same Texas team that we beat by the same point differential IN Austin, compared to their neutral site game). So, I would say that these facts are highly indicative of the strength of LSU’s schedule, as opposed to that of OSU.