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No one ever takes paris10 serious because his comments are always uninformative and flat out false. Definitely have to develop the passing game now that our best running back in history is going Pro. Sure going to miss him and Josh Allen. UK football will be fine though because Mark Stoops is a great coach. Probably best coach we have had since Bear Bryant. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming season. GO CATS.
Highlights: (1) UK finished this year the best it had since 1977 and this year's team wasn't on probation. 10-3 baby...and beat Penn State in their bowl game. (2) Only 2 running backs in the SEC were All-Americans and neither came from Georgia or Alabama. Williams from A&M and Snell from UK. (3) UK wouldn't have beaten Penn State without our All-American running back (4) Snell broke every rushing record at 3 years. If he had stayed a 4th year, he would have broken every important rushing record in the SEC (except your useless stat you love but no one else cares about because any running back that averages over 5 ypg and took the punishment Snell did is a great back). (5) Stoops was named SEC coach of the year for a reason. He took a bad UK team and made them respectable in the toughest conference in America. (6) UK has the best defensive player in nation in Josh Allen. Every major award...he should have been a contender for the Heisman. (7) 116 in the nation and still ranked in the top 25. Still won 10 games. Only had 1 bad lose to Tennessee because of it. I don't care if they ran every down if they won the game. Poor Paris10 can't see the forest for the trees. Paris unless you were there to watch Bear Bryant's teams in the 50's, you haven't seen a better year than this one. Sorry, 1977 doesn't count...they were on probation and never played a bowl game.
UKJMATT, I think you 100% right. UK will use a multiple backs next season and continue with the read option type offense. Hopefully, we can pass the ball more but I understand why we didn't...Time of position and limiting turnovers. Anyone know how many times Benny has fumbled the ball in his career? I don't think it was very many. 100% right about paris10 too. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. First he says Benny wasn't a great running back because of a lame ypc argument that holds no water. Snell took a beating and just kept on coming. Look what Benny did to PSU when he was well rested. Now he is talking about who will replace Benny. If Benny isn't that good, why should that even be a topic of conversation? Paris10 talks out of both sides of his mouth = troll.
Best team in over 40 years. Best defensive player in UK history. Best running back in UK history. Wow...what a season. One I have waited for in a very long time. No gimmicks, just smash mouth football. Love it.
I think you just burnt him UKJMATT. He doesn't understand the concept of need based recruiting. Just because there is talent within in the state doesn't mean it fits the needs of the program.
And it didn't stop Benny from being an All-American just like Damien...oh wait, nevermind. Damien was selected to be an All-American but he sure did receive paris10's ypg award. bahahaha.
Snell is an All-American running back and some troll wants to use the ypg argument that Boom Williams was a better back. Boom never took the physical toll of in between the tackles that Snell took. Snell ran for over 3500 yds in 3 years....Boom ran for 2500 in 3 years. Sorry troll but you couldn't keep TD Benny out of the end zone. Nice try and thanks for playing.
Boom got us 2500 yds. Great back, but different kind of back than Benny. Benny got us 3700 yds, over a thousand in his freshman year. Benny brought a winning spirit to the team. Benny set career records. So yeah, Benny is a better back than Boom. But still hang onto that ypg stat as Benny gets drafted and Boom isn't even playing in the NFL. Better luck next time curmudgeon.
I hope they sign another Benny Snell, Randall Cobb, or Josh Allen.
Way better than Damien Harris or Boom Williams. We will get to see him in the NFL.
Benny Snell in UK history and one of the top 25 in the SEC ever.
Ok, I'm going to take the bait and play along. You really are caught up with this YPG thing. What you again fail to realize is that Benny ran even when the other team stacked the box. Penn State article has some nice clips of Benny if you want to see how good he is. Is Damien Harris an All-American this year? Nope. Guess who is. Benny Snell. Did Damien Harris make the ESPN top 50 list? Nope, but Benny Snell did. Did Damien Harris rush for over 1300 yds this year, even when defenses knew he was going to run the ball...nope, again Benny Snell. Did Damien Harris make the list for top 20 all time rushing leaders in the SEC? Nope...never even got a whiff even though he played 4 years. Snell is in the top 15 in just 3 years. And if Snell stayed for his senior year and was healthy, then he would need around 1400 yds to break Walker's career rushing record. (assuming he rushes for 100 in a bowl game). Did Harris make the list for rushing TD's in a season? In a career? Nope. But Benny Snell sure did. 9th on the list for a wait for it....tied for 3rd on the list in a career. What!!! 3rd all time career TD leader in the SEC. Am I reading that right. Yep...3rd all time, and if he stayed another year would likely break the record. And we could always play this game of what if but the reality is that Benny did it and Harris did not. Harris made his decision the go to Alabama and great for him but he isn't near the running back Benny Snell is. Two things to think about. Toward the end, teams were loading the box against Benny...they never did that against Harris. 2nd Alabama has one of the best offensive lines in the nation. Even I could get positive yards running behind that line. So again, you are the only one who thinks that stat is important. It must be awful lonely for you.
Kentucky had a solid recruiting class. Going to be difficult to replace a great ones like All-Americans Allen, Stallings, and Benny Snell along with Jordan Jones, Mike Edwards, etc. So many great players on this team. Even though Snell's avg yds per carry was above 5, he was still the best running back UK ever had and one of the best ever in the SEC. 3rd most rushing TD's in 3 years. Another year and he would have owned every rushing record in the SEC. (Except yds per carry which no ones cares when you have the kind of workload he did).
No Paris to bash this recruit. That's a surprise.
Recruiting isn't over yet. Just picked up some really good players. I trust the coach's evaluation over just the stars. Also, takes more than a few years to change the culture. Most of the old culture is dying off though so there is still hope.
Again, you throw at the yds per carry stat yet I called bunk on that when I compared his yds per carry to the great Sonny Collins and the great Herschel Walker. He finished 2nd in the SEC in rushing yds, will finish 3rd all time in rushing TD's, and is a 3rd team All American running back, I didn't see your boy Damien Harris get a whiff at being an All-American. If Benny Snell did come back and play, he would be on pace to have the overall rushing record in the SEC and total TD's. That would be quite the accomplishment and would make him one of the All time greats. Bottom line his overall performance on the field backed up his words. He is a great kid and well deserving of an award.
I agree. Stoops coaching philosophy is ball control, time of position and power football. He was to control the line of scrimmage and run it as much as possible. Add that the fact your QB is prone to throwing interceptions. He wants to limit mistakes and running the football does that.
Sure his comment makes sense. Paris has an personal issue with Benny Snell. Snell is confident and Paris abhors confidence. Paris is a curmudgeon if you haven't figured that out already. He wants to suck any happiness out of you just like a Dementor (yes, my son read Harry Potter). Snell's stats back up him being a great back but Paris always skirted around the issue. He thinks kids should still be required to play college ball even if they are good enough to be drafted in the NFL. Do I think Snell is good enough for the NFL right now. I don't know, but plenty of experts seem the think he is. He is projected between the 2nd and 4th round.
Josh Allen deserves to be SEC player of the year. I think he was won SEC Defensive player of the year something like 4 times. Again, you like to pick and choose your stats. Overall body of work is better than Sonny Collins. More yards on less carries than Collins. Probably make a better pro player than Collins did. Will have more 100 yds games then Collins did. Will have more career rushing yds than Collins did. Will have more career rushing TD's than Collins did. In fact, Snell will finish 3rd in rushing TD's in the SEC...Collins... not so good.
Maybe someone else should let the other SEC teams not schedule cupcakes at the beginning of the season either. According to lying paris10m, these games shouldn't be played either: Alabama don't play New Mexico State Tennessee don't play Georgia State South Carolina don't play Charleston Southern Mississippi State don't play UL Lafayette Texas A&M don't play Texas State Missouri don't play Wyoming Florida don't play UT Martin Arkansas don't play Portland State Auburn don't play Tulane Georgia don't play Murray State (wait isn't that the same team Paris laughed at UK for playing.....idiot) Toledo is a cupcake team. Eastern Michigan and Toledo are both 2nd in their conferences. As opposed to New Mexico State which is 6th.
paris10, Let's start with the fact I only have one screen name so you can just stop with the delusional paranoia of someone targeting you using different aliases. Second, your initial comment was a jab at Benny Snell for having low yards per carry avg. Then I pointed out that yards per carry can be misleading, you wanted tried to misdirect the conversation in saying that he carried the ball an abundance of times and that is the only reason you get the yards and then threw an insult directly at me. Again, I proved you wrong when I pointed out other great running backs had an abundance of carries and their avg's were comparable to Benny's. Now you try to misdirect yet again and try to isolate certain games and certain performances and even try to throw out the fact that Damien Harris is graduating college. Not worth my time trying to explain to an idiot like you because you obliviously have a difficult time comprehending and/or making a sound and justified argument. Bring something solid to the table next time because all of your rants I easily punch holes in.
paris10, You are dumb as a rock. Do you think Sonny Collins was a great back at UK? Because his average yds per carry was less than Benny Snell's. What about the great Herschel Walker? Want to know what his average yds per carry for his college career was? 5.29. Benny Snell avg yds per carry for his career. 5.24. Now go away idiot.
Great Win, Excellent season UK. Best season I can remember. Unfortunately, we have a fan or two who want to complain about your Strength of Schedule. You finished 9-3 with a respectable ESPN SOS ranked 25th. Only bad lose this year was to UT team we should have beaten, but we beat a lot of teams we were picked to lose against; Florida, Mississippi St, Missouri, and even South Carolina. As a lifelong fan, I couldn’t be more pleased. Really enjoyed the interaction with the players after this win. Great group of players. Love this team. Josh Allen and Benny Snell Time.
Great Win, Excellent season UK. Best season I can remember. Unfortunately, we have a fan or two who want to complain about your Strength of Schedule. You finished 9-3 with a respectable ESPN SOS ranked 25th. Only bad lose this year was to UT team we should have beaten, but we beat a lot of teams we were picked to lose against. Florida, Mississippi St, Missouri, and even South Carolina. As a lifelong fan, I couldn't be more pleased. Really enjoyed the interaction with the players after this win. Great group of players. Love this team. Josh Allen and Benny Snell Time.
By some people's logic, yds. per carry must be the most important stat for an RB. If that's true, Christopher Rodriguez must be the best RB in the nation. After all, it averages 21.5 yds. per carry...doesn't matter he only had 2 carries. Or how about Kavosiey Smoke...he averages 11.3 yds. per carry.
So many things accomplished this year. So proud of this team. 9-3 and going to a New Year's Day Bowl, more than likely the Citrus Bowl to play against Penn State. Josh Allen Time. Benny Snell Time.
Thanks Benny for the last 3 years. You are the most consistent best running back in the country. Rushing over a 1,000 yds. 3 straight years, likely will be the career UK rushing leader, 3rd all time in TD's in the SEC, likely 2nd round draft pick. I loved the double L's down this weekend. Benny Snell Time.