We’re excited for week 2 of college football! And, as such, we’ve got 40 questions for this week of action. Enjoy!

  1. While it’s cute and everything, will Herbie’s kid mess up the flow of GameDay picks again this week?
  2. Can anyone beat Ohio State?
  3. Is Urban’s 2015 Ohio State team better than his peak Florida teams?
  4. Is peak Braxton Miller better than peak Percy Harvin?
  5. If the Big Ten gets any worse, will we start seeing 4th string and 5th string quarterbacks play for the Buckeyes?
  6. Can a SEC team remain healthy enough to best an Ohio State team in the playoff after Ohio State essentially took 8 weeks off during the season?
  7. Have we said how ridiculous it is to play in the SEC West recently?
  8. If teams like Auburn and Texas A&M are hitting hard on defense now, how will any SEC West team stay healthy?
  9. Who would have thought that the Aggies would be the team everyone is talking about after week 1?
  10. Can this team make a legitimate run at the SEC West crown? Why not?
  11. What does Jeremy Johnson need to do this week to squash fears that he might be overrated?
  12. What does the Auburn offense need to do to regain its swagger?
  13. Does Dan Mullen have more to gain by beating LSU or Les Miles have more to lose by losing to Miss. State?
  14. Does Mark Stoops have more to gain by beating South Carolina or does Steve Spurrier have more to lose by losing to Kentucky?
  15. If Tennessee beats Oklahoma are we going to reach peak SEC pride for 2015?
  16. What does it do for Butch Jones’ standing at Tennessee to beat Oklahoma?
  17. What does it do for Butch Jones’ standing at Tennessee if he gets crushed by Oklahoma?
  18. Can the Tennessee secondary stop anybody?
  19. Is there a better common foe for SEC fans than Big Game Bob Stoops?
  20. If Oklahoma loses and Florida wins by 50, could we get 11 SEC ranked teams next week?
  21. Is Florida on its way back with McElwain and a team that put up 600 yards of offense and committed 1 penalty?
  22. Will Grier, Treon Harris, Jeff Driskel and Jacoby Brissett were a combined 60-74, 849 yards, 10 touchdowns and zero picks last week. Is Muschamp a QB killer?
  23. Did Muschamp also kill Jeremy Johnson’s ability?
  24. Does any offense he gets near immediately wither and die?
  25. Should we call him the Anti-Malzahn?
  26. Can Ole Miss put up 80 this week?
  27. Will Chad Kelly be everything we hope for this season on and off the field?
  28. Why are there 9 SEC games kicking off between 3:30 p.m. ET and 7:30 p.m. ET?
  29. Why is there only one game at noon?
  30. How drunk are SEC fans going to be to have to wait until 3:30 p.m. ET for a decent game? (Auburn plays Jax St at noon)
  31. How ugly is Georgia vs. Vanderbilt going to be?
  32. Is Derek Mason sleeping at night these days?
  33. Are we staring at a 2-10 record at best for Vanderbilt this year?
  34. What are the odds Mason coaches at Vandy in 2016?
  35. Will Nick Chubb gets his 10th straight 100-yard game?
  36. Does Tennessee need Josh Dobbs to rush for 100 yards in order to beat Oklahoma?
  37. After getting his first last week, could Brandon Allen get his 2nd 300-yard passing game this week?
  38. Tennessee is 1-27 in its last 28 games against nationally-ranked teams. Can the Vols reverse the trend Saturday?
  39. Will South Carolina win its 8th straight home game against Kentucky?
  40. Will the one week late debut of Leonard Fournette in 2015 be everything we hoped it would be?