No SEC squad is perfect, and there are moments fans of each of the 14 teams would like to forget.

Unfortunately, in the age of the internet, it’s easy for rival fans to troll their most-hated teams on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Therefore, even after jokes have long since run their course, it’s impossible to be fully rid of the ridicule that lives on in virtual form.

However, if each SEC fan base had its way, these are the two words they’d never want to see in their mentions or as comments on posts about their favorite team ever again:

Alabama: Kick-Six

One second left on the clock. A 57-yard field goal attempt. We all know what happened next:

That play may have happened back in 2013, but heading into the 2017 season, it still gets mentioned far too often for Alabama fans.

Any time there’s a list of college football’s greatest games, or someone tweets about greatest sports moments, the Kick-Six game almost always makes the list.

Even a 2015 championship and recent years of dominance in the SEC haven’t been able to wipe Chris Davis and the Kick-Six game from the hearts and minds of Alabama fans.

Arkansas: Bobby Petrino

Former coach Bobby Petrino was dismissed “with cause” in 2012 after he got in a motorcycle accident with a former Arkansas volleyball player. A subsequent investigation discovered more wrongdoing on the coach’s part, and he was fired.

However, before he left, he gave the world the below picture, which will forever live in infamy in Fayetteville:

Of course, Petrino is decked out in Arkansas gear and standing against a backdrop covered in the Razorbacks logo, so that image will forever be linked to the Arkansas program.

As Petrino coaches Heisman-winning QB Lamar Jackson at Louisville this fall, the Hogs will continue to try to put the Petrino era in their rearview mirror.

Auburn: Toomer’s Corner

Toomer’s Corner is a hallowed place on Auburn’s campus, but in recent years, it has been plagued by criminal acts.

From Harvey Updike infamously poisoning the legendary oak trees to Jochen Wiest setting one on fire, Toomer’s Corner has been in the media a lot lately, and not for good reasons.

Therefore, Tiger fans would probably like it best if the celebration spot and the famous trees would be left alone for a few years. If you’re not there to celebrate responsibly, don’t show up at all.

Florida: Shark photo

By now, we all know about the photo of a nude man on top of a shark that went viral earlier this year. Unfortunately for the Gators, that man looked almost exactly like Florida coach Jim McElwain, who has continually denied that he is the one in the picture.

Rest assured, though, every time an internet troll can make a joke about McElwain and a shark, they will, even though the joke has more than run its course:

Shark Week will never again be the same in Gainesville, at least until Coach Mac is no longer running the Florida program.

Georgia: Hail Mary

The Bulldogs thought they had the Volunteers defeated last season in Athens, leading 31-28 with four seconds left.

Of course, Tennessee QB Joshua Dobbs and WR Jauan Jennings had other plans, as they connected on a Hail Mary to give the Vols the last-second win:

As the Bulldogs prepare to make a run at an SEC East title this year, they’ll need to avoid devastating last-second losses like that one.

Kentucky: Basketball season

We get it — Kentucky is a basketball school. And with the teams coach John Calipari has put together in recent years, that’s for good reason.

However, the Wildcats also have an up-and-coming football program under coach Mark Stoops, and the 2017 season should be an exciting one on the gridiron.

Though everyone will rush to say that football season in Lexington doesn’t matter come November, Kentucky fans may want to try their best to multi-task this year.

LSU: Cam Cameron

Former LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron never met a running play he didn’t like. Granted, his running backs the past couple of years included all-world talents Leonard Fournette and Derrius Guice, but he didn’t do those guys any favors.

Teams would stack the box against the Tigers, but Cameron will still call running plays with little-to-no deception. Needless to say, LSU fans are happy he’s gone:

New OC Matt Canada would be wise to keep feeding Guice the ball this season, but a little creativity in the running game would be a welcome change of pace in Baton Rouge.

Mississippi State: Coaching search

Every time a big-name program has had an opening the past couple of years, it seems like Dan Mullen’s name gets brought up as a potential hire.

Most recently, Mullen was reportedly a candidate for the open Oregon job before the Ducks hired Willie Taggart:

With what he’s done for Dak Prescott and now Nick Fitzgerald at the quarterback position, folks in Starkville hope he’ll stay around for a long time. However, when the coaching carousel starts up again next year, Mullen will almost certainly be brought up in rumors once again.

Mizzou: Safe spaces

Two years ago, the Mizzou campus was rocked by protests calling for the resignation of then-university president Tim Wolfe.

For those wanting to avoid the swarm of media members on campus, “safe spaces” were created. Eventually, the football team joined in on the protests, and other SEC fanbases have not let the Tigers forget it.

Even in 2017, any article written about Mizzou inevitably ends up with several negative “safe spaces” comments:

At this point, Mizzou needs a safe space from all the safe spaces jokes.

Ole Miss: Houston Nutt

This one is pretty obvious, as Nutt’s name has never been a positive in Oxford. Even when he was coaching the Rebels from 2008 to 2011, the team only managed a 24-26 overall record and two bowl appearances.

Now, though, Nutt has already brought down coach Hugh Freeze, uncovering a scandal that involved an escort service in Tampa. His lawsuit was recently thrown out of federal court, but his attorney is already planning a next step that may involve filing the suit in state court.

Needless to say, this is a dark time in Ole Miss’s history, and when it’s over, no one in Oxford will ever want to hear Nutt’s name again.

South Carolina: High school

Did you know South Carolina freshman QB Jake Bentley should have been a high school senior last year? By his second start (which came in Week 9 during a 24-21 win over Tennessee), everyone — Gamecocks fans and otherwise — had heard about Bentley’s impressive rise.

However, much like legendary NFL tight ends Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez, who played basketball in college (bet you haven’t heard that before!), announcers kept bringing up the fact that Bentley left high school early to come to South Carolina.

Now that he has a year of experience under his belt, hopefully broadcasters will focus on the sophomore’s outstanding play instead of the fact that he should only be a freshman this fall.

Tennessee: Life champions

It’s a safe bet that Tennessee coach Butch Jones will never live down his quote last season when he said his players had “won the biggest championship, and that’s the championship of life.”

He should have known that the internet wouldn’t let that one go, and it’s clear that it hasn’t, as life champions jokes are still abundant:

Even stories that have nothing to do with Tennessee often get fans bashing Jones and his championship of life comments.

Texas A&M: Hook ’Em

The Texas A&M-Texas rivalry used to be one of the better rivalries in college football, with the teams often squaring off on Thanksgiving.

However, since the Aggies left the Big 12 for the SEC in 2012, the rivalry has been put on hold, much to the chagrin of both fan bases.

The simple fact of the matter, though, is that the Aggies are doing just fine without the Longhorns and have carved out a nice niche for themselves in the SEC.

As the Longhorns continue to struggle to return to their glory days, they’re the ones who need the Aggies right now, not the other way around.

Vanderbilt: Graduation rate

Yes, Vanderbilt is an impressive academic institution, but under coach Derek Mason, the Commodores’ football players hope to become known for much more than their book-smarts.

Winning games against Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and Tennessee State last year has Mason’s squad positioned as the class of the Volunteer State, and a win over Georgia was equally exciting for the Commodores.

Heading into the 2017 season, Vanderbilt will try to take another step forward and earn a second straight trip to a bowl game, perhaps this time ending the year with a victory.