Alabama, man the similarities between Georgia and Alabama at times can be spooky. Bama finds itself happy with Fromm, I mean Jones, but they're scared if he doesn't see playing time, they could lose Fields, I mean Young. But man how do you sit (or do you even want to sit) Jones? He's exceeding everyone's expectations. But the last thing any Bama fan wants is to see Young go to Ohio State and turn out to be exactly the quarterback that everyone predicted he would be coming out of high school. Do you try to get Bryce in the game in a different role? Do you turn to mop up duty earlier and just assume you're not really going to beat folks by 40+ points this year, (21 is enough right)? Or do you just do what Saban seems to have been happy to do every other time something like this came up and say, "You win it on the field and you start. You don't, we hope you stay."?

Auburn, I'm not sure if you'd rather have Jekyll or Hyde as your quarterback, but Bo Nix is one of those. And unfortunately Bo Nix is also the other one. It seems that Bo is becoming a guy that can get some good plays for you but, aside from the Oregon game, definitely NOT the guy you want, to put the team on his shoulders and will them to victory. So you go to Gatewood, scratch that, so who? Sandberg? It seems like quite the drop. How does Gus not have more quarterbacks wanting to play for him (hint, it rhymes with bevelopment)? Is your coach's future tied to his quarterbacks in this case? As goes Nix, so goes your season, and now maybe your coach? Boy, wouldn't it be so Gus to beat Bama this year again and silence the haters? Would that save him this time?

Texas A&M, I'm sorry guys. But for what feels like the 75th time now we started out with such high hopes. Offensive talent returning, defensive talent returning, no coaching changes to speak of. And all on a team that went 8 and 5 on just a murder's row of a schedule. Give me another team that doesn't have at least 4 losses out of Clemson, Bama, Auburn, Georgia, and LSU last year and I'll show you a team that was probably in the playoffs. And now here we sit with an inexcusable WIN at Vandy and an inexcusable loss at Bama. It feels like we've been here so many times before. And I'm sure there is blame to go around but how do you not put most of it at the feet of the quarterback that has started 36 games now? How is this man about to become the all-time Texas A&M leader in passing yards AND total yards and everyone is THIS unhappy with him? Do you guys not have anyone else to even take a look at here? I mean you can't realistically fire Jimbo, but man, this can't be your future either can it?