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Fox, FS1, & FS2 < ABC, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ESPN U, & SEC Network (CBS sometimes) Keep in mind that the SEC Network is owned by ESPN so their infrastructure is what runs the network, you do not want to hope that Fox can match their capabilities. Also ESPN just flat out has more outlets to have your team play on a national stage. You do not have to like the message that ESPN shows but you have to admit that Fox really is not the best option.
Yes please! Honestly the best time of the year.
Except that the Aggie D-Line has a bunch of unknown starters and didn't prove they could keep up constant QB pressure. Also replacing the two starting LB's that lead the team in tackles last season and bringing back most of the DB's that had one of the worst pass defenses in the conference......I want it to be a good game but right now accept that the talent pool on that Tiger offense is decidedly more known and better than the Aggie defense.
Honestly haven't even thought about that kid until this article. He couldn't ever crack the two deep depth chart whether to injury or what else. Just hope he has grown up
Honestly doesn't really matter since everyone uses different criteria or sources to prove their point. In terms of facilities, actual production of teams, etc... It is just stuff that every AD will throw out there to hype why they took this job over the other. If people are trying to read any deeper into it than that, then they need to find something else to do with their time.
I honestly hope that we can at least keep up the current rate we are stocking our d-line. It is nice feeling (at least for the time being) that there is not a drop-off when guys leave and the backups become starters. I am interested to see how our pass rush does this year though since last season they appeared to be more interested in stopping the run.
I honestly hope that we can at least keep up the current rate we are stocking our d-line. It is nice feeling (at least for the time being) that there is not a drop-off when guys leave and the backups become starters. I am interested to see how our pass rush does this year though since last season they appeared to be more interested in stopping the run.
Honestly certain pockets of Houston has a large contingent of LSU fans and alum so it isn't a surprise to see them on the list.
It sounded as though A&M shifted their focus to a 4-star legacy RB amongst others but I personally wished we would have still been in the running.
Sherman went 25-25 as the HC at A&M with a losing conference record. Sumlin went 51-26 as the HC with a 25-23 conference record. Petrino never coached at A&M but has a losing bowl record. Fisher is 9-4 as the HC at A&M with an all time 6-2 bowl record. So please explain how your statements are even close to factual.
Honestly, I am more than happy to play the likes of Clemson, Colorado, Miami, Notre Dame, and Arizona State in lieu of t.u. They single-handily pulled the Big XII apart with that LHN and they ended the rivalry when we left the conference even though we offered at the time to keep it alive. Let them sit in their poor choices.
Props to this man, he truly showed dedication to achieve his goals. A guy like that will always find a way to make it happen, he has a great future ahead of him if he keeps that mindset in all facets of his life.
If the accusations that Brown leveled at Alexou are proven true then yes he is nutjob, also then begs the question. If the player was a known nutjob as you say, then why did the coach allow him to stay in the program? It seems like the story being sold to us is that the guy was a major disruption on the team and in the classroom. So it would be still the failure on the coach as well not correcting it sooner. That is more than likely the viewpoint of the school officials. Ultimately coaches have to answer for their players and how they act. Their careers are built or destroyed mainly on the shoulders of 18-21 year olds, and it just appears that this instance shows that the coach lost his head and made a grievous error that he has to pay the price for. Doesn't mean that he will not get a job elsewhere, but it is still despicable to call yourself someone's new Hitler.
IF and I mean if, the coach's accusations were remotely true than it is interesting to see how much he allowed to happen under his tenure there. If proven true, then the player should indeed be kicked out but the coach definitely is in the wrong too. We definitely will never know the full story unless bipartisan witnesses step forward, but it may be best if the school just kicks both parties out and move on.
Legitimately, high school players squat 400+ all the time. For it to be "impressive" you would need to start with at least a 5 when saying how heavy the squat is. Otherwise, strength-wise, it really is nothing special. That also though does not mean that athletically he is amazing but a video of him lifting weight that many players who do not even have a star to their name can do is just nothing to write about.
....but Georgia did lose by 20 to LSU (in the West) and blew the SEC Championship to Alabama (in the West too if you forgot). Your only Western win was against a 7-5 Auburn. At least Florida beat LSU.
Is Tulane in Metairie or is it in New Orleans proper? That is the only college I could think of even close. That or UNO.
While there is in fact carry over from bench to playing o-line, there is greater carry over from doing a power clean. The reason being that the player in both on the field and in the weight room start in a bent over position and have to explode out of the stance. The initial contact is generated from the hips if you are coached right and that pop is what can win or lose the battle of the play.
Honestly, I believe that #3 was answered as the season wore on last year. Corbin in the beginning has to split reps with a myriad of other running backs, then come the end of the season he was the only freshman RB that didn't redshirt due to being used as the #2 back. He truly was relied upon to be that back, and barring anything significant I do not see why he would not step into being the feature guy with others coming in to change the pace. The real test is for sure our road games considering we have 4 pre-season top 10 teams on the schedule and 3 of those on the road.
Let them rot in that dumpster fire of a conference that they created
How about Josh Brown who openly admitted to beating his wife while in the NFL but never received punishment. It was under wraps until he retired and uncovered the whole story.
The issue though is that the it appears that the NFL only enforces their ruling when there is video or picture evidence of the misconduct. Anything up until that point they just ignore it. It is a hit or miss system that appears to only pick certain people they want to enforce it on. I do believe that you must always take the consequences of your actions but this just seems like another situation where they want to make an example of someone so they can feel good that they are making the NFL a better place.
Tiger, it is cute that you think you are making solid arguments. What teams outside of the bluebloods do you think can afford to go into a bidding war for 5 and 4 star talent without going bankrupt.
LOL ok, we can let you think you are contributing. And yes, your wife is quite the lover. xoxoxo
Tiger....if there is a salary cap then your argument about non power 5 schools paying players is invalid. It is asinine to assume that just because they do not play in a power 5 that they do not have money. In fact, the article states that if this was to pass then there would be realignment meaning that some programs will move up and other will move down. You are truly showing that you indeed went to Mizzou. Please save us all the pain in having to read your comments and delete your account.