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I'm sick and tired of this inclusivity bull in sports. You should earn the right to get in and if you aren't good enough then you shouldn't be allowed in because your conference used to have good teams. How bout you invest in your programs to build them back up and actually earn a spot?
Using that logic Bama beat A&M by 28 A&M beat Florida by 3 Bama then beats Florida by 31
What is interesting though is that his twitter bio claims him to be a defensive linemen for A&M. Maybe they really will be down one offensive linemen but just not the way they thought.
True, not sure what the statute of limitations are for what player could come back in this scenario
Personally I would go with Von Miller solely to play the hybrid spot for A&M over Garrett at DE. Both are great options but I just want to see how Elko could use a guy like Miller.
Honestly, I love SEC baseball to see how each student section harasses the opposing teams. It just part of the fun!
Let's be honest LSU has a great defense but our offenses the last couple seasons outside of 2018 makes them look even better
The issue though is that the current AD had shown that he won't wait 2 years to fix the issue. Maybe they will have patience this time around.
TBH there are people on both sides who did not want the "Lone Star Showdown" to be brought back in a bowl game between two 7-5 programs. It would not surprise me if it came out that both sides voiced playing other teams.
Both teams run ball control style of offense and are ranked 1 and 2 in the conference for average TOP being separated by roughly 20 seconds I believe. The weather should honestly not necessarily be in either team's favor. Ultimately both sides run similar styles and have to play in the same weather. This game really comes down to who can execute their game-plan and adjust when things are not working.
Imma be honest BamaBuc75, you appear to have more hopes for the Aggies than most fans that I interact with in this game. It may very well be just BAS rearing its ugly head.....again, but quite honestly I believe most I have talked with do not even think it would be within 20 due to our lack of running game which is what helped us last year play keep away.
Honestly, I feel like a large majority outside of Aggieland set the bar at 8-4 with the ability to go 9-3. If we can avoid any trip ups, I do not see why we cannot expect to go at least 8-4 and hopefully catch one of the big 4 we are playing on a bad day to create a chance to get 9 regular season wins. It just would be really hard for many fans to accept 7-5 even with this schedule since we hired this coach to beat teams like them.
Unless you work in Woodward's office and part of his staff, you do not really know what is going on. You only know what is being presented to you. So shut the hell up, read the article, and move on. He isn't coming back no matter how much you want him to.
Honestly, after seeing that locker would be hard to dispute that for the time being you have one of the best if not the best locker room in the conference. I would love to be able to tour that facility.
It's the only way other conferences can feel good about themselves though! Where would tEXAS be without their tennis program?
I can admit that he left some serious issues at FSU for the next staff to handle. It was well known heading into his last year there that many wanted several of his staff dismissed since they felt that they were not up to snuff. He so far has done good things at A&M but there are past known indiscretions that should make any fan wary. But this article was trying to show that it was scheduling and roster that caused the dip in ticket sales. Schedule because the home games are not appealing and roster because there was no talent. They failed to point out that Taggart has a career coaching record of 47-50 before taking the FSU job. It wasn't like he had an undefeated record at a school like UCF before taking the leap showing people he deserves the next step but instead went 7-5 at Oregon who had all top 25 recruiting classes worth of talent to work with. Ultimately I just think that Taggart is not as good a hire as people want it to be, and they are trying to hide a miss in hiring by shoving all the issues on the previous staff and scheduling. (i.e. things this regime could not control)
Last season was a dumpster fire for FSU but you can in no way say it was because they had a "depleted" roster. Below is a list of recruiting class ranking which were the bulk of the players that were on that team last year. Do you mean to tell me that all those top 10 classes while taking a combined 21 Offensive Linemen during that time was the cause of why their offense declined with an "offensive guru" at HC now? There are multiple things you can point at for the reason they missed their first bowl game in decades but lack of talent on the roster is by far not it. 2018:11th National Class with 3rd in the conference 2017: 6th National Class with 1st in the conference 2016: 3rd National Class with 1st in the conference 2015: 3rd National Class with 1st in the conference 2014: 4th National Class with 1st in the conference
They cannot get 5*s at the rate they do even though they won 2 natty's in the last 3 years with brand new facilities to help bring in recruits, an easier path to the Natty at this current point in time, and along with having a recent run on their players early in the draft? IMO it appears to seem real easy for kids to want to go there along with other traditional recruiting powers, the difference is that only Bama has won a championship in the last 4 seasons.
Georgia's Non Conference:Murray St 5-6 Ohio Valley Conference Arkansas St. 8-5 Sun Belt Conference Notre Dame 12-1 "Independent" Alabama's Non Conference:Duke 8-5 ACC NM State 3-9 Independent WCU 3-8 Southern Conference Looks like Georgia barely beats out Bama when it comes to non conference strength since Notre Dame really is what makes the difference
Here is the thing though, Wake Forest 7-6 and Boston College 7-5 can in no way compare to playing Alabama 14-1 (national runner up) and LSU 10-3. If you want to make similar comparisons to make a point you need to choose teams with similar records as to the aforementioned WF and BC in the SEC so that would be the likes of South Carolina, Missouri, Auburn, Miss State since they all have close to similar records and all winning. Choose from those 4 to compare and then ask if Clemson could mark them as W's just as easy as they mark their ACC opponents. I do believe that the depth of the ACC is not there but you cannot choose middle of the pack teams and compare them to top of the line in another conference.
I think it is high as well but if they were to finish 9-3 with a win over Clemson, Bama, Georgia, or LSU it could be argued that with strength of schedule they could crack the top 10. Realistically though I see another mid teens finish.
Fox, FS1, & FS2 < ABC, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ESPN U, & SEC Network (CBS sometimes) Keep in mind that the SEC Network is owned by ESPN so their infrastructure is what runs the network, you do not want to hope that Fox can match their capabilities. Also ESPN just flat out has more outlets to have your team play on a national stage. You do not have to like the message that ESPN shows but you have to admit that Fox really is not the best option.
Yes please! Honestly the best time of the year.
Except that the Aggie D-Line has a bunch of unknown starters and didn't prove they could keep up constant QB pressure. Also replacing the two starting LB's that lead the team in tackles last season and bringing back most of the DB's that had one of the worst pass defenses in the conference......I want it to be a good game but right now accept that the talent pool on that Tiger offense is decidedly more known and better than the Aggie defense.