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Agree. Those rules were put in place for a reason. When someone has an extraordinary college career and then might not even sniff the NFL, it's a sign that his individual talents alone didn't make him great. Not taking anything away from Stetson. He's a great player and a great story.
Politically correct choice? There's been one Heisman winner playing north of the Mason-Dixon since 2007. Dumb take. Not everything is political, despite what Tucker wants you to think.
And that's exactly why I think the jury is still out on this Arkansas team. Muss has talked a lot about how the analytics say team success comes when most of your buckets are from beyond the 3 point arc or right under the basket. I hope we prove to be athletic enough to feast on dunks and put backs, because, outside of Nick Smith, I don't see any pure shooters.
Joe is stoked for some Hogs v. Louisville. Right there with ya, homie.
No joke. There are 32 NFL teams, so 64 meaningful pro QB jobs IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Most of the pro QB1s out there either have been or will be in their role for 5+ seasons, which means there are MAYBE two or three college QBs each season for whom pro football is a solid career option. Richardson and Daniels are solid college athletes and do things on the field that most people couldn't do in their dreams, but, with all due respect, they aren't those guys.
It was bad, but nothing is C*** M***** bad. That's 0-14 in the SEC bad. That's losing to Colorado St., North Texas, Vandy, San Jose St., and Western Kentucky over the course of just two seasons bad. Lord willing, things will never get that bad ever again. But you're right. Saturday was embarrassing. If Sam is the dude for the job, now is the time to circle the wagons and somehow get to 6 wins.
What's the read on Cal in Lexington? Is his seat warm, or can he coast until he's ready to hang it up? Seems like BBN would be getting a little impatient with these stacked rosters and lofty preseason expectations and little to show for it come March...
I love that we get a home and home with UK. If things come down to the wire, March 4 at The Bud will be nuts.
Take it easy on poor Douglas. Spelling is hard.
Gotta play loose. Gotta chant. Gotta have fun. Can't be anxious. AND ALSO "The Standard," perfection, etc. etc. That pressure cooker mentality has worked beautifully for Bama for over a decade, but let's not clutch our pearls when we see the drawbacks.
That feels generous. I'm not especially optimistic. Pass heavy MSU attack + potentially going on the road with a backup QB leads me to think this one could get ugly. We'll have to establish the run and eat up clock if we want to keep it close.
1000%. We were never the tenth best team in the country. Our three wins are less impressive with each week (especially the manner in which we got them), and the A&M loss could look downright bad by season's end. We're a middle of the pack SEC West team, which, considering the last decade, is fine by me. The end of the Bielema era and the C*** M***** years taught us that anything is better than getting blown out in conference play and losing to the likes of Western Kentucky and North Texas.
Yep. Lost two starters in the Cincy game. One of them is out of concussion protocol and is expected to be back this week.
Completely agree with the Arkansas assessment. It feels like the top 5 ranking throughout the year has been more about doing enough to maintain a solid pre-season ranking than doing something to truly earn our spot there. The bats are inconsistent, and there's nothing scary about our bullpen. DVH has been known to do some work in May and June, but I also won't be shocked if we fall short of Omaha. WPS
The trick with Neegan is that we just have to assume he's a genuinely funny college kid with way too much time on his hands and gets a kick out of stirring people up. That's what I've chosen to believe. Any other explanation would make me lose even more faith in humanity.
8. We'd all be spared the 5th iteration of a real football team putting OU in its place in the CFP semis.
I guess expectations are relative. After making it through the Bielema and Chad Morris days, I feel like a fool knowing I got bored with Houston Nutt going 8-4 or 9-3 every year and was happy to see him go. Only one team can win it all, and it takes way more than player skill and coaching competency for all of the pieces to fall into place. You hear teams and coaches saying stuff like "anything but a championship is a failure," but...man...what a sad outlook.
No wonder you're so bitter. If those kind of stats aren't good enough, most things in this world must be pretty disappointing for you, huh?
Barnes has more career wins than Phog Allen, John Chaney, and Tark. He'll retire in the top 15 on the all-time wins list. That's elite. Cal has taken UK to 4 Final Fours in the last decade(ish), and won it all once. There are more than 350 D1 basketball programs. That's an insanely difficult thing to do. That's not underachieving.
Lord willing, the goal is to be an old man who accepts things don't stay the same forever and that progress and change go hand in hand.
You forget that we're members of the SEC? Is that why you guys haven't been able win a football game against us recently, even though our program reached some historic lows during the 2010s? You just forgot to prepare for a team you forgot existed? Those must be some tough Ls to swallow. Being humiliated three times in a row by the doormat of the conference that most people just, ya know, forget... Sorry for taking awhile to respond to your comment, by the way. Since you didn't follow the logical flow of comments, this got buried. Don't worry about it. Interneting must be hard for you.
There are a handful of high-profile transfers, but it seems like the majority of them are middle of the roster kids who are trying to land in the right spot to make the most of their last few years of playing competitive ball. Even with the high-profile, household name, first rounder types, can you really blame a kid for choosing a multi-million dollar signing bonus and a salary that (theoretically) sets them up for life over NIL deals and waking up at 7:00 to go sit in Comp I? It all goes back to what's best for the kid. I'm sure Pat Ewing was ready to be compensated for his abilities by the end of that college career.
Another day, another old man yelling in all caps, grieving the loss of the way things used to be. College sports should be about the opportunities provided for the individual student-athlete. If you don't agree with me on that, we're just going to have to agree to disagree here. The rollout has been chaotic, but it's another change (along with NIL) to nudge the balance of power juuuuust a little over to the student-athlete...a balance that has been way out of whack for way too long. People like you and me are just consumers of the product they put on the field. For these kids, it's their life and future. If they think that moving to a different school sets them up better for the possibility of some level of pro ball OR gets them a better degree for their real world careers, more power to them. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn't. We get to deal with the consequences of our choices, but that should be the kids' choice to make. The "loyalty" high horse is laughable. People change employers or jobs in the time that it takes for student-athletes to earn a degree. About half of marriages end in divorce. People do what is best for them and their unique situations. The good coaches and competent programs will adjust.
I'm not interested in trying to do anything about you saying Arky. You seem much more caught up on the belittling nicknames than me, so you go on and bang that drum, sweetheart. I'm not sure what not having a bitter rival has anything to do with this conversation, but I guess people start grasping at straws when they don't have any substantial points to make. If you're trying to point out that we're the only P5 school in a relatively small state...dang, you got me? In the meantime, we'll continue to be the only school in the SEC with a year-in, year-out top 5 baseball program, a basketball program that is strong and getting stronger, and a top 25 football program. I can't blame other schools. I wouldn't want to be our rivals right now either. Go to sleep, Volbeef.
You know nobody actually, legitimately calls you Tenner, right? It's exactly like Arky, but we just kind of brush that off and don't get nearly as butthurt about it as you seem to be. It's just kind of a cute little joke. Nothing to be taken too seriously. Kind of like Tennessee baseball.