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So sorry that the circumstances of your life have made you so fearful, angry, and bitter. I hope you get the help that everyone deserves.
Not sure that Moser really explored the market until this past offseason. The two big names I heard back in those days were Muss and Kelvin Sampson. With all due respect to some great CBB coaches out there (including Moser...that dude is getting it done wherever he goes), I wouldn't trade Muss for any of them.
Tidefan, Calling it "quitting" makes it a black and white issue and oversimplifies a complex, nuanced, layered decision. If you choose to go just by your simple-minded definition, then yeah, sure, he quit. But you need to recognize that some people here are capable of abstract thinking, so don't be offended when people disagree with your caveman logic.
Maybe I'm in the minority, but I wouldn't hate to see Bama left out. It's refreshing to think that we'll finally have some variety this year without any of the usual four (Bama, Clemson, tOSU, and OU). Unless they lay an egg in the next three games, Georgia seems to be heads and shoulders above everyone else. The degree of separation between teams 2-8 seems so thin that you could make a decent case for or against any of them, so let's spice up the field a little bit.
Ask Florida and LSU how far money and brand power alone will get you. You still have to put a product on the field. Take away 2018 and UT hasn't done that (in a weak conference, no less) in over a decade. You folks are in for a wake up call. Burnt orange doesn't intimidate anyone and, perhaps more importantly, it doesn't make recruits salivate the way it once did. But, hey...welcome to a real conference.
Who are the big dogs? This needs some clarification. As far as we know, only Texas and OU are joining.
Ugh. Was hoping to avoid the Death Valley under the lights scenario.
Haribo?! HARIBO?!?!? Give me those bougie Albanese gummy bears or give me nothing at all. Once you've had those things, all other gummies are garbage.
A 1 pt loss on the road @ Old Mississippi + a loss to a good Auburn team (that was closer than the final score indicated, btw) and the Hogs are back to where they were last year? Give me a break. Tigs will leave Fayetteville with an L and a 5 hour bus ride to make offseason vacation plans.
Guessing the honorable mention list is on autopilot at this point. Catalon hasn't played since Old Mississippi and might not ever wear a Hog uniform again.
"We put together a strong a** schedule." - Will Wade
Love it! I think Muss wins a natty before it's all said and done. Yurachek and this fan base will happily give him whatever he wants and needs to be successful.
Yeah, I think assuming any result in a game between any of the West's "other 6" is just setting you up to look dumb. Nobody is touching Bama, but anyone else could beat anyone else.
Such an awesome kid with a great story. He's cementing his legacy as a Brandon Burlsworth-esque cult hero. People will remember what he's done for this program for decades to come.
Quite the shift from the days of Morris covering the football building with Deshuan Watson graphics.
After all these years going back and forth with LSU, Ole Miss, and Mizzou people, I don't even know what to do with a reasonable, thought out, even-keeled response. You Georgia folks are alright.
For sure. UGA is deserving of their ranking and I think they'll win on Saturday, but nothing scares me about an ugly win over a bad Clemson team and rolling over the East cellar dwellers. The best win is that UAB game. I think we'll learn a lot about both teams, but an 18.5 pt spread is crazy.
Some folks need to be reminded that the post-Petrino years have been the exception, not the rule, for Arkansas football. No rational Hog fan is expecting us to compete for a CFP spot on a yearly basis, but 8-4 or 9-3 with a semi-permanent spot in the top 25 is a reasonable target. Shoot, Houston Nutt got run out of town because people were tired of going 8-4. This isn't some surprising rise of a sad program. (Maybe the quick turnaround is surprising, but the turnaround itself isn't.) This is just a proud, storied program dusting off the embarrassing Bielema and Morris years and reclaiming a spot in the top half of the West. It feels good to be back!
And I thought David Pollack would have a decent NFL career.
When it comes to A&M week, I fully expect to take a three TD lead into the half and then lose because we fail to convert a 2 pt. conversion in the 16th OT. Looking forward to a good one! It's nice to be excited about football season again.
Just a few years removed from the He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named era, I can't believe I'm about to type this, but... 10-2 is possible. Not likely, but possible. I think we hang with everyone but Bama and UGA.
Crossing my fingers that targeting call against Pool doesn't come back to bite us. With a dude like Robinson, linebacker isn't exactly a place we can afford to be thin for a half. Head: 31-21 Texas Heart: Hogs by 90
And yet, despite the overall dip in the past decade, Tennessee hasn't given us any problems at all.
We'll keep circulating those same comments until you get the SMU treatment you deserve. Will Wade is a cheater. Can't let people forget it.
Oh come on, guys. This comment thread is so unfair. Give LSU and Will the benefit of the... Lol jk. I wish we could track Brinks trucks full of cash the same way we can track planes during a coaching search. Surely the Tieauxgeauxers have one on retainer by now.
I don't know that going from assistant to associate head coach is a lateral move, especially when the move is to another Power 5 school. You could also argue that the Big 12 is a stronger basketball conference from top to bottom. I see it as a promotion. Good for him and best of luck.