Spencer Rattler is a hot topic in college football after his Week 6 benching. After Oklahoma’s comeback victory over the Texas Longhorns 55-48, many wondered if Rattler would transfer after being pulled during the game for backup quarterback Caleb Williams, who led the Sooners, who were down by as many as 3 touchdowns, to the victory.

Coming into his season, Rattler was considered a Heisman favorite but all of that was likely shattered for good last weekend after his performance.

The question now is, will he stick around in Norman and battle Williams for the starting quarterback position? FOX college football analyst Brady Quinn gave his thoughts on the Rattler situation and what should come next for the quarterback.

He said this on the Dan Patrick Show:

“It’s such a tough decision,” said Quinn, who played quarterback at Norte Dame. “I think the biggest mistake he can make right now is make an irrational decision and deciding to transfer right away, I think it’s a bad look.”

Quinn explained that Williams could get hurt and the Sooners would need Rattler again. He also said that although Rattler is a very talented quarterback, he’s not NFL ready just yet

“He needs a lot of experience and more work,” said Quinn. One more factor that could play into Rattler’s decision is his parents and what role they could play.

As of now, however, Williams will reportedly start against TCU Saturday.