While there weren’t many ranked matchups during week 12, several upsets involving ranked teams occurred. Florida winning at LSU, of course, was the story of the day in the SEC as the Gators clinched the east with the road win.

As of now, we are projecting five SEC teams to be ranked in the top 25.

  1. Alabama def. Chattanooga.
  2. Ohio State def. Michigan State.
  3. Michigan def. Indiana.
  4. Clemson def. Wak Forest.
  5. Wisconsin def. Purdue.
  6. Washington leading Arizona State.
  7. Oklahoma leading West Virginia.
  8. Penn State leading Rutgers.
  9. Colorado def. Washington State.
  10. Louisville lost to Houston.
  11. Oklahoma State def. TCU.
  12. Western Michigan def. Buffalo.
  13. USC plays late.
  14. FSU def. Syracuse.
  15. Florida def. LSU
  16. Utah lost to Oregon.
  17. Auburn leading Alabama A&M.
  18. Nebraska def. Maryland.
  19. West Virginia losing to Oklahoma.
  20. Boise State def. UNLV.
  21. Texas A&M def. UTSA.
  22. Houston def. Louisville.
  23. LSU lost to Florida.
  24. Virginia Tech def. Notre Dame.
  25. Tennessee def. Missouri

Dropped out: No. 20 Washington State, No. 24 SDSU, No. 25 Troy