Is there any good deed Tim Tebow hasn’t done?

Danny Terp posted a video to Twitter on Tuesday that showed the former Florida quarterback giving a shout out to his grandmother.

While signing autographs during a St. Lucie Mets baseball game, Tebow was asked by Terp to say hello to his grandmother, one “Ms. Margaret.” The video linked above shows her reaction to Tebow wishing her a great day.

“Isn’t that something to hear him say your name?,” Ms. Margaret asked.

It’s a matter of time before the Pope declares sainthood. As expected, the video has drawn a ton of praise, and the list of nice things for Tebow to do seems to be getting shorter and shorter as he continues displaying more and more positive gestures.

Maybe Ms. Margaret will bake him an apple pie.

Until then, here’s to Tebow, every grandmother’s favorite quarterback.