The NYPD issued a summons to a man this week who made a dummy to pass off as a passenger so he could use the HOV lane. That’s obviously not a newsworthy story on its own, but the fact that the dummy was sporting a Texas Longhorns hoodie led to a hilarious interaction on Twitter.

The NYPD 20th Precinct decided to troll Texas fans with a “horns down” gif, tagging the Texas A&M police. This set off a UT fan, who identifies himself as Longhorn Morty on Twitter.

“Would y’all mind telling me what the crime was? I’m failing to see a victim. Leave people the (expletive) alone. Thugs with badges. Don’t forget, officers, legality does NOT equal morality,” Longhorn Morty wrote in reply to the “horns down” gif.

Longhorn Morty probably should have kept his thoughts on police to himself. Someone on the NYPD 20th Precinct’s social media team had an epic clap back for the angry Texas fan, as you can see in the interactions below:

Warning: Longhorn Morty used explicit language in his tweet, which is embedded (uncensored) below.

[H/T Crimson and Cream Machine]