With the uniqueness of the season, we’ve seen some chaos with underdogs in the first couple weeks of college football where some heavy underdogs have won outright. Of course, Kentucky beating Auburn while an 8-point underdog has become a popular pick among some SEC fans and media.

Here are some the odds around betting underdogs to win outright (odds from My Bookie):

  • Ole Miss is +450 to win outright against Florida. Florida is now favored by 14.5, up from the 13 points spread earlier in the week.
  • Kentucky is +245 to win outright against Auburn. Auburn is now 7.5 point favorites, down from 8.
  • Miss. State is +545 to win outright against LSU. LSU is favored by 16.5, down from 18.
  • South Carolina is +150 to win outright against Tennessee. Tenn is a 3.5 point favorite.

If new to betting, +450 means that if you bet $100, you’ll win $450.