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Everyone could stop a pass play if they were allowed to hit the WRs early like bamer does. Regretfully for Texas A&M the flags would fly if they did what bamer did. I sure wish the SEC officiating HQ wasn't in Bamerham
I mean who in college football would want face a professional football team like bamer...yes this means paid and meanwhile the NCAA turns and looks anywhere else.
Guess what you little wimpy whiny little baby? Indians lived in the past and so did cowboys. Indians painted their faces and were quite often vicious and brave warriors. The cowboys existed as well. Did they exist completely as Hollywood portrayed them? Probably not. What happened to them wasn't a good thing but it can't be taken back. I don't think having an Indian as a mascot is a disrespect but if anything is quite a show of respect. The best thing you can do is pack your bags and move to a communist country where the government is more than willing to control its people then try to become the dictator so you can dictate everything you find offensive on other people. Instead if I were you I might try to grow a little thick skin and quit being such a pu$#$.
AUsome! Sean White is a great QB and will surprise a lot of people. I think if he stays healthy Auburn may just beat the paid players in the nation come November. That Pro team Auburn plays at the end of the season will be surprised when they get their butts whooped and their employers at the Red Elephant Club, the Dodge Dealership (supplies them with their cars), T-Town Men's Wear (pads their pockets for autographs later on), and etc etc will be wishing for their money back.
Well he's 6'6" and didn't slap the guy like he deserved so he kept it classier than I would have. It's always hilarious when updykes (fans of the guy that teabagged an LSU fan in Krystal's and the one that poisoned the tree of Toomer's corner) talk of class. #bamerthebiggestcheatsinfootball
So says one of the inbred nation. Yeah a bamer booster thought I was a player and tried to give me a new car and told me to go to the mall where I could sign some autographs and make a load of cache. Sarcastically I told him I worked for the NCAA and he told me I was doing a great job turning my head the other way.
Yeah bama gives their players "loans" and condones beating up the general populace for their debit cards. Even $aban admitted helping College athletes cheat while at Miami. I can't wait till admits all the cheating that we know goes on at bamie but the NCAA is too crooked to do anything about.
Ole Miss took the game away by forcing 5 turnovers and that's the way I see it. I've met several bama fans and I rarely meet one that admits their team actually lost a game without some excuse of they gave the game away. It's really pathetic.
$aban whines because of a missed call against him but he fails to realize how many times his DBs get away with early hits while the ball is in the air. Don't forget how Ole Miss was drawn offside by their center moving the ball to give bama 1st down on a 4th and short. I don't recall $aban crying about the time the refs gave them more time to come back against Arkansas and when the clock should have run out. Can anyone count on their fingers how many times bama has been the beneficiary of an amazing 2 yard gain from a spot...I don't believe I have enough fingers. Does it seem to help that the refs HQ is in Birmingham? I think so!
Sean White at Auburn is a very good QB and if Johnson gets hurt the AU offense will not miss a beat.
Wow what a great picture showing the holding bamer gets away with every season!
Does bama not claim 1966? If not then someone really screwed up when they started claiming all those other bogus National Championships those years ago. Bama clearly deserved a piece of the Championship 1966 but that's offset by the bogus claims of 1941,1964, 1965, 1973, I could go on . Auburn was clearly the best team in the nation 2004 and 1983 and deserve to claim those ten times more than bama has the right to claim
I've never seen a team hold more than bama and not get called for it
Aundray Bruce was a defensive end.
Only the people who allowed this picture to go through is to blame....I don't care what team they cheer for.
Oh my that's why AU won because they had one penalty the refs missed. Last I checked the refs missed quite a few both ways. At the 2:23 mark of the first quarter Auburn was flagged for holding but if you watch the whole play our QB almost had his helmet ripped off by a facemask so the play should have been replayed for offsetting penalties. In the 2nd quarter at the 11:35 mark their is a phantom hold flagged against #81 and the replay clearly shows he had never for one brief moment had a hold on an Ole Miss players jersey. So if you take off your blue and red glasses and watch those plays you'll clearly see the bad calls went both ways if not a bit in favor of your Ole Miss team.
Neither team deserved to lose that game. Prayers to Treadwell and may he recover quickly.